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Product code: SU-4

Color: Green - Gray

Sex: Unisex

They breathe and prevent getting too cold

Ultrarun SU is a sock designed for running in the field and in extreme conditions. It was made of a mixture of two yarns: polyamide and prolene. Thanks to this, on the one hand it breathes very well and ensures quick sweat to the outer layers, on the other hand it maintains a constant temperature, preventing the body from cooling down.

For winter workouts

Ultrarun SU is a winter sock ultra that will work well during the most demanding training sessions. Cascades on the instep prevent the sock from being caught, and the heel made in the Y system is responsible for a perfect fit to the foot. The model uses an additional puller to prevent twisting and rolling the sock. It guarantees comfort during long trainings in difficult weather conditions.


They are perfect for the winter. Prolen is characterized by very low thermal conductivity, which guarantees thermal comfort in difficult weather conditions.

They breathe well. Polyamide accelerates the migration of sweat to the outer layers and quickly wicks moisture away from the skin. This ensures maximum comfort during physical exertion.

They will dry very quickly. Thanks to this, they are ideal for trips to mountains or camps.

They are perfectly matched to the foot. The elastic knit and heel made in the Y system make the sock perfectly matched and practically does not feel that you have it on your foot.

They do not twist on the foot. The model uses an additional puller that prevents the sock from rolling and keeps it in one position.

They have cushioning properties. The midfoot cushion is responsible for cushioning the vibrations occurring when the foot hits the ground.

They provide maximum comfort. They are flexible, fit the foot, and the profiled foot makes the sock imperceptible on the foot and behaves like a second skin.

They are strong. The material is not pale, it is resistant to abrasion and mechanical factors.



- increases the migration of sweat outside the sock,

- breathes very well,

- is characterized by high flexibility,

- it is resistant to abrasion and other mechanical factors,

- prevents the growth of bacteria, enzymes and molds,

- it is resistant to alkalis (chemical compounds).


- has very high durability,

- it is the lightest of the fibers available on the market,

- quickly wicks moisture away from the skin,

- protects against heat loss.

Poliamid 80%, Polipropylen-prolen 15%, Gumitex 5%.