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Thermoactive snoods keep pace with active ones

If adrenaline is circulating in your veins instead of blood and the time of day and night in the implementation of an ambitious sports or travel challenge does not matter, you certainly had to face the cold and wind more than once. The changeable weather in mountains, jogging at dawn, skiing on the slope in winter, bicycle trips along the beach in summer – multi-functional running snoods will help you tame the hostile aura and get maximum pleasure from physical activity.

Running snoods: one gadget, many functions

Multi-functional sports snoods are the allies of every outdoor activities enthusiast. Small dimensions mean that you can always have the snood with you: it fits in any pocket and wrapped around the wrist will give your stylization a unique character. Thanks to this gadget, practicing sports on cold and windy days becomes more pleasant and comfortable.

When put on the neck, a snood does not fit tightly to the body, thanks to which air circulation is maintained. Thermoactive fabric collects moisture from the skin's surface and transports it outside, allowing you to maintain an optimal body temperature even with great physical effort.

Depending on preferences and individual needs it can replace a scarf, hat, bandana, hairband, balaclava. In summer you will hide your head from the scorching sun and on a cool day you will protect your neck and face from gusts of wind and the dust or sand carried with it.

What we sew sports snoods from?

Every season of the year can surprise you, apparently this is our climate. However, we know ways to deal with a capricious aura! In our offer you will find sports snoods for summer and winter, in both cases using the unique parameters of materials applied. We sew sports snoods from flexible, well-breathable knitted fabrics: 

  • Cubic Guard -  flexible material with a lattice structure which on the one hand stops the wind effectively and on the other hand breathes very well. As a result, you always feel fresh and you are not at risk of cooling down. The nap on the inside gently wraps the body and prevents chafing and skin irritation. We guarantee that you will be caressed with pleasure by this delicate fabric.
  • Resi Slim – delicate, airy and light knitted fabric, from which we sew sports snoods for spring and summer. The flexible material offers no resistance when pulled over the head and quickly returns to its shape. Dries fast, so you can use it on a daily basis, while traveling and during physical activity.

Women's summer snoods are rich in patterns and colors. Knitted fabrics from which we sew them, do not fade from the sun and do not lose color even with frequent washing. Get carried away by fantasy – choose a unique pattern that will announce to everyone around that physical activity is a source of strength and joy.