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Insulated hats – winter under the sign of water sports

Although many of us inherently associate swimming with the triad „sun-sand-water”, in fact season for water sports lasts all year round. Swimming is one of the healthiest physical activities with great impact on our condition, breathing efficiency and work of the circulatory system; ice swimming increases general immunity and supports the treatment of injuries. Swimming does not burden the spine or joints and is safe for individuals of all ages.

We could write more and more about the advantages of water activities – undoubtedly it is worth practicing them at any time of the year! Temperature does not matter here: after all in case of ice swimming coldness is a prerequisite. You only need a few clothes and accessories which will help you maintain optimal body temperature and warm you up quickly after coming out of water. Insulated hat is at the top of their list.

Thermal insulation properties of hats

Obligatory element of  the walrus equipment is a hat which will keep you warm during the bath and also after its completion. The hat also comes in handy on the way back from the swimming pool – damp hair cools you down instantly and going to frost and wind with your head warmed by drying can end up with thermal shock and a cold. The best in this role are sports hats made of thermoactive knitted fabrics, combining excellent insulating properties with good breathability.

Materials from which we sew our sports hats – natural merino wool, functional knitted fabric Cubic Guard – wick moisture away from the skin's surface on an ongoing basis and do not condense it but instantly evaporate into the atmosphere. Flexible knitted fabrics also provide a perfect fit to the shape of the head and wearing comfort without unpleasant pressure. You can choose a hat fitted on the entire surface or loose beanie.  

Training hats for all occasions

Universal warm hats are also perfect for non-training days. Classic design and flattering color – or colors, if you decide on a reversible hat! - they match sports jackets, simple coats and quilted down jackets. Thin knitted fabric folds to a small size which allows to have a hat with you even on seemingly clear days: slip it into your bag or pocket to prepare for sudden weather breakdown or gusty wind.