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Running wear and accessories

Running breaks records of popularity among fans of an active lifestyle and no wonder – you can talk about its advantages for hours! Regular runs are a great general development training: they strengthen and shape muscles, expand breathing efficiency and burn a lot of calories.

Running exercises not only the body but also the mind and soul. Outdoor activity in the surrounding of picturesque views – from charming city corners, through parks and forests, up to mountain slopes – allows you to forget about everyday worries and to admire the beauty of the world, the accompanying boost of endorphins guarantees a smile on your face long after you return home. For running to turn into a passion you do not need much – and the common passion unites people: many acquaintances have already been made in training and competitions, which often go far beyond sport.

All these benefits are in your hands – or actually in your legs :) - practically for everyone: anyone whose health allows it can run. It is enough to dress appropriately – comfortable running clothes and accessories will prepare you for all conditions on the track!

Functional running wear – the key to a successful training

When running it's only you and your goal that count: the task of clothes and accessories you choose is to eliminate all factors that could cause your discomfort and lead you to leave the track untimely. As active runners we know this very well, that's why we sew our running wear and accessories from innovative functional fabrics, which support a path to your goal.

Boxer, classic t-shirt or longsleeve? Leggings or shorts in a mini version? How about... a running skirt? Yes, yes –  in Nessi you can dress for every training, regardless of the year's season, track  length and individual style. What's more you will feel equally comfortable and at ease every time: fabrics such as Brisk 3D or Flexible Fit constantly wick moisture away from the skin surface, dry instantly and thanks to their flexibility will interact together with your every move.

Running wear for winter – thermal isolation and breathability

The outdoor training season lasts all year round and our running wear and accessories for winter weather will never let you get cold! Warm, thermoactive underwear will wrap your body from head to toe and its thin, flexible fabric will not roll or curl under the top layers. You can put on a t-shirt: sports tank top, windbreaker, blouse with a stand-up collar or with a hood – depending on what you feel like doing and what the aura dictates. Functional fabrics effectively isolate from the cold and thanks to their breathability, prevent from overheating and sweating.

Running accessories for all weather conditions

The whole is completed with practical running accessories which in a sports outfit are like a tasty topping on a delicious cake – take the quality of your training to an even higher level! In summer the most important thing is to protect the head and eyes from the sun and our caps and visors fulfill this task for a top five. The flexible headband will in turn collect sweat excess from the forehead and uphold unruly strands falling on the face.

For brisk mornings and evenings, a light, breathable snood scarf covering the neck and throat will be useful. The snood scarf sewn from a thicker, double-layer knitted fabric will protect these sensitive zones on autumn and winter strides; the set of running wear and accessories for cold days must also include a warm hat and a pair of sports gloves.

Now you are dressed almost from head to toe: you still need comfortable running socks and you will find a huge selection in Nessi. Several lengths, lots of juicy colors – what all models have in common is the excellent breathability and the softness of fabric also the refined design that will give you the perfect fit, stability and support.