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Running t-shirts: facing the challenge

Any type of sports activity requires comfortable thermoactive clothing which will act like a second skin. It must be perfectly fitted, flexible and provide thermal comfort even during intense physical exertion. Running t-shirts do not break out of this scheme. They are the first layer of sportswear that is closest to the skin. The cut, parameters of the material used and additional functionalities such as stitching or panels that facilitate moisture drainage are of key importance. We remembered about this when designing and sewing our running t-shirts for you. Join our Colorful Team and fall in love with our t-shirts!

Running shirts that give you wings

Nessi running shirts attract attention with their vivid colors and original design. We are equally focused on the quality of our products. We use innovative materials with good parameters of breathability and stretchability. Thanks to the system of 3D channels on the back, armpits and under the bust, you will feel confident and comfortable even during intense training. Functional knitted fabrics dry fast and sweat is quickly wicked away from the skin. Thanks to this, when you wear a few layers of clothing, you will avoid the unpleasant feeling of coldness.

Our breathable and thermoactive shirts are available in several variants. Classic shirts with short sleeves are available in a wide range of colors. You can use sports shirts with a practical zipper on the chest for running, also wear it in the mountains, on a bicycle, roller skates and even sails. Universal boxers will meet the expectations of training enthusiasts in the gym or fitness clubs and on warm summer days they will allow for comfortable running training outdoors.

Under any circumstances we do not want to limit your imagination. We give you the green light to test and find other uses for our clothing. At the same time, we are convinced  of one thing: our shirts will give you wings!

Running t-shirts: the comfort you look for

Our running t-shirts are made of ultra-light, breathable and durable materials that are skin-friendly. To prevent the formation of abrasions and irritation, we use a seamless construction and flat seams.  The sleeves are finished with a seamless, flexible welt that prevents t-shirt from rolling and shifting which is especially important when dressing on a layer. Unique zones of rapid moisture removal, located on the back, armpits and under the bust guarantee efficient thermoregulation of the body during exertion.

Reach for Nessi Sportswear t-shirts and feel the extra dose of power!