We know how hard it is to build something from nothing, take the first step towards achieving a goal. And sometimes it is enough to give somebody a hand. Therefore, it is very important for us to act in accordance with high ethical standards and to get involved with significant initiatives.

We are where active people are

Close to the active - the first Nessi slogan accompanies us every day and reminds us what our brand should be. Every year we take part in the Running Festival in Krynica-Zdrój, which is a real mecca for runners. And although for the business people the expo is, above all, an opportunity to present their new products, we cannot deny ourselves the pleasure of participating in the running competitions. With that we can feel the unique atmosphere of this place, speak at the finish line with runners, listen to them, get to know their emotions. Be close.

We give a European dimension to Polish experience

We have always been impressed by the rich textile tradition of our region, the vastness of knowledge and skills of Polish specialists. And it is precisely this tradition and these skills that we want to build the Nessi brand on. Working in our country, employing Polish graphic designers and fashion designers, sewing in local sewing rooms, we support creative and productive people. At the same time, we prove that this great potential can be turned into a European success.

We support local initiatives

We support local running events, such as the half-marathon around Żywieckie Lake, local running groups, including Kęckie Harpagany and Biegam na Tarchominie, as well as important sport initiatives with ‘I Run so that Bartek could run’in the first place.

We care about the environment

We design and manufacture in Poland, which allows to minimize the amount of emissions to the atmosphere during transport. We focus on high quality and durability of clothing, so that it serves the users for a long time. What is more, we use 100% recyclable materials. This limits the amount of material waste and minimizes the impact of our activity on the natural environment.