In order to maintain the good look and technical condition of the clothing, you should follow the clothing care recommendations, according to the information on clothing tags and labels. Only by familiarizing yourself with and following the information contained therein, you will ensure a long life span of the clothing.

REMEMBER! Each product requires different treatment, so be certain to follow the labels with pictograms. Care information is also available on each product's page under the 'CARE' tab, as well as on the page about materials.

TAKE NOTE! If the clothing is made of several materials, pay attention to the care of each material.



General rules for clothing care:

  • Before putting clothes into the washing machine, make certain that there is no clothing with Velcro, sharp ends, etc. in the drum, as this could lead to mechanical damage of the clothing;
  • It is recommended to wash in detergents intended for sportswear. This guarantees a long life span of the product;
  • Wash the clothing only with similar colors;
  • If the clothing has pockets, empty and fasten them before putting the clothing in the washing machine;
  • If the clothing has a string, tie it off before putting the clothing in the washing machine;
  • If the clothing has zippers, fasten them before putting the clothing in the washing machine;
  • If the clothing has a membrane, use detergents intended for the clothing with a membrane;
  • If washing wool products, use a program intended for delicate clothing and specialized detergents for washing wool. Do not use ordinary rinse liquids. If you wash wool by hand, do not squeeze or wring it;
  • When washing cotton products, do not wash together with highly soiled clothing, as cotton absorbs dirt and intense colors. This is a normal process that occurs with natural fibers;
  • It is recommended to wash the clothing before the first use;
  • It is recommended to let the washing machine run empty from time to time, in order to get rid of detergent residues from previous washings.


How to care for down jackets?

Natural down is a super-durable insulation - but in order for it to retain its properties, it is extremely important to properly care for the jacket. We present a short instruction for washing and drying down jacket:

  1. Before you put the jacket in the washing machine, clean the drum and the powder container from detergent residues - they could negatively affect the condition of the down. To do this, rinse the feeder under running water and run an empty wash cycle, for example, on the rinse program.
  2. For washing, use only special detergents intended for down. Do not use softeners or any universal liquids - their effect is destructive to natural fillings!
  3. Empty the pockets of the jacket, turn it inside out and fasten all zippers and fasteners.
  4. Before putting the jacket into the drum, you can soak it - it will be heavier, so that the washing machine will choose the right amount of water.
  5. To wash down jackets you can also use special breaking balls, which prevent the down from clumping.
  6. Always wash down clothing in delicate programs (such as for washing wool) and at low temperature (max. temperature of 30°C). Under the influence of soaking and spinning, the filling will compress - do not worry if after washing your jacket will not resemble the one you put in the washing machine. In the drying process it will regain its original form.
  7. You can dry the down jacket in a tumble dryer (on a long cycle with low temperature) or on a regular dryer, laid out flat, away from heat sources and not directly in the sun. Shake it gently from time to time and turn it inside out. If the jacket has not returned to its original volume after drying, lay it out flat and gently break up with your fingers those places where down has accumulated, distributing it evenly throughout the chamber.
  8. Remember that the so-called escape of down from the jacket is a natural process. Down filling is formed not only by down, but also by plumage, i.e. feathers with a sharp rachis - these are the ones that break through the outer material of the garment. If you notice such a piercing feather on the surface of the jacket, do not pull it out, but pull it back inside with your fingers, laying it flat.


How to care for Ultra line wear?

  • Before putting it in the washing machine, make certain that there is no clothing with Velcro, sharp ends, etc. in the drum, which could lead to mechanical damage of the clothes;
  • It can be washed in the washing machine, at a maximum of 40 degrees;
  • Wash the clothing on the left side;
  • Wash the clothing with similar colors;Use a program intended for delicate clothing;
  • Do not iron, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean, do not chlorinate and do not bleach.