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Fashionable trekking vests with a sporty DNA

Our hiking vests are designed for outdoor activities, and their natural habitat is places where outdoor movement is essential. Whether it's the mountains with their beautiful trails, the narrow streets of a city you're exploring, a beach walk on a windy day, or countless similar situations, a trekking vest will ensure your thermal comfort on breezy spring days and cool summer mornings and evenings. In colder seasons, you'll probably not want to part with it as it will provide the best protection against freezing winds. What's more, women's hiking vests stand out with trendy, original designs, making them suitable for both sports and classic everyday outfits.

How to choose a trekking vest?

What features should a vest designed for trekking have, and what should you consider when choosing one? The key is its purpose. In this type of vest, you'll often be ascending or descending, covering miles of trails, and conquering both big and small peaks. As it's well known, mountain weather can be unpredictable and fickle. A warm day can quickly turn very cold, and wind is a frequent companion during mountain hikes. In such situations, thermal-active vests from Nessi Sportswear are the best choice. Thanks to their properties, they effectively protect your core from the cold while not absorbing moisture, but instead quickly evaporating it. As a result, the vest remains dry, and you won't be exposed to chilling winds. Breathable vests also allow for the free flow of air, ensuring you won't overheat during warmer spring days.

Vests with ventilation systems designed for general tourism and trekking should also be tailored appropriately. Nessi Sportswear's women's hiking vests are naturally designed for the female silhouette, with an extended back for better kidney and back protection, as well as a higher collar to shield sensitive neck and throat areas from drafts. This design not only protects against the ubiquitous wind but also provides full freedom and comfort during movement!

Additionally, pay attention to details like pockets and reflective elements. During day-long hikes or active days outdoors, it's always handy to have your phone, some cash, or a card with you. Nessi vests have hidden side pockets with zippers for easy access to essential items. Furthermore, we've added pockets to the lumbar region, which cyclists will particularly appreciate. When it comes to reflective elements, they are an essential part of our vests to make you more visible after dark.

How to wear a trekking vest?

In spring and summer, you can wear a women's trekking vest directly over thermal underwear (check out our Ultra clothing line). This combination should provide you with the right thermal comfort for your torso and back on most warm days. However, if the temperature drops significantly, or cold wind is expected, wear the vest over a sweater or, in extreme situations, a jacket. Remember that the vest should always be the last layer you put on. That's when it will fulfill its function 100%. Follow the same procedure in autumn and winter, wearing the vest over a jacket.

While Nessi Sportswear's trekking vests are designed for sports, trekking, and outdoor activities, they also work well as part of your everyday casual style. Special ultrasonic quilting along with bold patterns we've prepared for this season give the vests a modern character and a stylish finish.

Where to buy women's trekking vests?

You can purchase breathable trekking vests with pockets on the online store. It's the website of Nessi Sportswear, where you'll find incredibly colorful clothing that combines sports functionality with fashion. We place great emphasis on ensuring that our clothing meets the expectations of both amateur and professional female athletes, and the unique patterns and vibrant colors are meant to motivate and highlight femininity. Sportswear doesn't have to be dull. Nessi Sportswear's trekking vests will make you stand out on the trail, during trekking, or wherever you choose to wear them. Feel the power of colors – the Nessi Sportswear team.