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Running socks: the comfort for your feet

The comfort of feet during sports activities is of considerable importance because it affects your overall well-being during training. Imagine that correcting your rolled or twisted socks becomes a distant memory and you can finally focus on what you love most... There is no doubt that running socks are a crucial part of the runner's wardrobe, thanks to which you can twist better times and give 120% of yourself!

If you have worn regular sports socks for training so far, investing in running socks will allow you to feel the difference from the first training. Our running socks are made of selected, innovative, skin-friendly fabrics. They are flexible, breathe well and stick to the foot like a second skin. Flat seams prevent chafing or abrasions and reinforcements in the heel and toe zones increase protection of the most sensitive parts of feet. In addition, they are definitely more durable, more resistant to deformation and abrasion than traditional ones. 

Running socks – for urban and mountain jogging

It can be said that we ate our teeth on the socks. It was our first product with which we broke into the awareness of the running community. After years of sale and thousands hours of field tests, we have improved our flagship models and we are certain that our offer is one of the best on the market. We have running socks in various colors and lengths, dedicated to every type of training:

  • ROAD socks – typical training models designed for 'flat' running i.e. for those who love to traverse the city paved paths and run on paved surfaces. Due to the perforated structure of the material, moisture is quickly transported to the outside, leaving the skin fresh and dry.
  • TRAIL socks – durable models for those who love  running on off-road, forest paths and gravel roads. The higher welt effectively protects ankles against abrasions, which are very easy to get on in wild terrain.
  • TREKKING/ULTRA socks – models for advanced running fans, additced to adrenaline and endorphins. They are perfect even in extremely difficult mountain runs or during long hours of trekking. Thanks to cushioning panels and excellent breathability parameters of the fabric, they will support you in even the craziest sports challenge. 

Compressive running socks: models for special tasks

Compressive running socks contadict common belief that sports clothing should not constrict anywhere. Compressive socks are a specialized product for runners, which guarantees completely safe and comfortable training. In these socks we use the first degree of compression that is safe for the body. Thanks to the spiral construction, where increased pressure goes from the foot up the calf, blood circulation is improved and the muscles are better oxygenated. Ligaments and tendons are stabilized, jolts and jitters are reduced accordingly.

Fall in love with our designs, colors, patterns and show yourself to the world!