Regulations of the "Gift Voucher" program


- Publisher - company: Progres Norbert Sztandera, Wojciech Izbicki Spółka Jawna, NIP: PL 5492279386, REGON: 120304106. Registered at: ul. Sobieskiego 16, 32-650 Kęty, Poland. The address is for the company: Progres, ul. Sobieskiego 16 15, 32-650 Kęty. Entered into the National Court Register under the KRS number: 0000470516. E-mail address: Contact phone: +48 (33) 845 10 42

- Shop - realizes the online store

- Gift card - (gift voucher) is sold only in the online store

- Buyer - a person who receives a gift card from the Issuer in exchange for providing funds to the Issuer.

- Bearer - a person with a gift card.

General conditions

- Regulations define the rules for the operation of gift vouchers in the online store

- In exchange for cash received, the Publisher issues a Gift Card (gift voucher) with a nominal value of PLN 100 (25€), PLN 200 (50€), PLN 300 (75€), PLN 500 (125€), PLN 700 (175€) or PLN 1000 (250€) to the Buyer.

- Gift vouchers are only available in the online store

- Gift vouchers are valid for 2 months from the date of purchase of the card.

- Gift vouchers are not refundable or exchanged for cash.

- Gift vouchers are not subject to reservation or blocking.

- Vouchers can be accepted as a payment means carried out only once and only if:

a) the value of the purchased items is equal to the nominal value of the purchased voucher;
b) the value of the purchased goods exceeds the nominal value of the purchased voucher, (in this case the Bearer is obliged to pay the amount (difference) in excess of the value of the voucher);

- Return of goods purchased using the gift voucher is possible, in this case the rules of the online store apply.


Final Provisions

- The full text of the regulations is available on the website The buyer, by accepting the gift voucher, declares that he has read the terms and conditions, accepts its provisions. Each Bearer who is not a Buyer by accepting a gift voucher declares that he has read the terms and conditions, accepts its provisions.

- The publisher reserves the right to change these regulations for the following important reasons: eg change of legal provisions.

- The gift voucher is not an electronic payment instrument or a payment card as defined by law.

- All comments and complaints should be submitted in the form to the Publisher at the following address:

Progres Norbert Sztandera, Wojciech Izbicki Spółka Jawna
ul. Sobieskiego 16, 32-650 Kęty, Poland.

or by e-mail:

- Complaints about purchased goods can be submitted on the general terms of the online store None of the provisions of these Regulations limit the rights of consumers under generally applicable laws.

Gift card

The gift voucher is only available at the online store and can only be used.

The gift voucher is valid for 2 months from the date of purchase.

The ability to exchange purchased gifts for a different size within 30 days of collecting gifts after the gift voucher.

Delivery by e-mail, on a customer's request.

You get a unique code that you can use when shopping at the basket level.

When buying a gift card, as in the case of orders for other products from our range, the Store Regulations and the protection of personal data apply. When ordering, please provide all data and choose the form of payment. Available forms of payment when buying a gift card is a prepayment to the account via a traditional transfer, by electronic transfer or by credit card.

After placing the order you will receive its confirmation. In the case of payment by bank transfer after the payment of the amount due, you will receive a second e-mail with a gift voucher in the form of a PDF file containing a unique rebate code.

The voucher is available in denominations: 100 (25€), 200 (50€), 300 (75€), 500 (125€), 700 (175€) and 1000 (250€) PLN.

How to redeem a gift voucher?

1. Go to the website

2. Register and log in to our website.

3. Browse and add selected products from our range to the cart.

4. Remember that the value of the basket is not lower than your card.

5. In the cart, enter the unique code on the gift voucher received.

6. Complete and finish the order.

7. If the value of the order is greater than your card, pay the difference.

The voucher can be made only at
The voucher is not exchangeable for cash and can not be refunded.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

The full terms and conditions of the store are available at: