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Headbands – accessories for winter swimmers

Winter swimming may seem unpleasant – but only until the first attempt! Satisfaction that comes from breaking your own barriers, joy caused by the increased secretion of endorphins, spending time in the surrounding of beautiful nature and in good company will convince many individuals to take a cold bath. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of ice swimming, several conditions must be fulfilled -   first, do a short warm-up and get into the water wearing gloves and a hat or a headband to protect parts of the body that are particularly sensitive to chilling.

Functionality and wearing comfort

Light, thin and functional – headbands are very popular among fans of an active lifestyle. The headband is your universal shield against cold and wind. In many situations it works as well as a hat: ears and sinuses are the most exposed to harmful effects of low temperatures and a wide headband covers them tightly. As a result, an accessory will help you avoid unpleasant consequences of the chill in the form of sinusitis or ear infection.

Material of our headbands is technically advanced knitted fabric Brisk 3D Ultra, combining excellent thermal insulation properties and breathability. Material also wicks sweat away from the skin and evaporates it quickly. Thanks to high flexibility of the knitted fabric, the headband will precisely fit the head circumference; resilient, pleasant to the touch material does not cause any irritation or discomfort.

Alternative uses of a headband

Headband will be useful on many other occasions – not only in winter! Apart from ice swimming, you can put it under ski, snowboard or bicycle helmet, for trekking, walking, sledging and skating. On warm but windy days a headband is better solution than a full hat – strategic areas remain covered and excess heat passes through the head on an ongoing basis. The headband will stop and evaporate the sweat from the forehead during trail running or climbing a steep slope.

Nessi headbands have one more advantage: their intense colors and unique patterns catch the eye and cheer up the monochrome winter landscape. Choose your favorite variant and temper your body in the water.