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Joyful, courageous, eager to help, radiant, curious about the world, strong, active, optimistic, selfless. Not giving in to schemes, thinking outside the box, free, concerned about the welfare of the planet. That's you, our #nessigirl! Your passion for activity speaks for itself - and a t-shirt with a meaningful print will further reinforce your message.

If we were to choose a part of the closet that is most often a tool for expressing one's passions, beliefs and views, everyone would point to the t-shirt. In the history of fashion, there is no shortage of examples confirming its role: James Dean's white t-shirt, iconic I Love NY or Hard Rock Cafe prints, music fan t-shirts, social manifestos...  T-shirt is more than just a part of the closet - that's why we chose it as the backdrop for the hashtag #nessigirl. Express yourself and carry a colorful message into the world!



In order to provide you with the comfort you need on a daily basis, there are 3 types of cuts in the Issen Casual collection - we are certain that there is your favorite among them as well.

  • Loose - the name obliges: in this cut you will feel only loose-blues! The raw bottom hem and casual cut will give you everyday comfort, while the rolled-up sleeves and back seam add a rogue charm to the whole look.
  • Classic -  fitted, but not tight t-shirt is a hit for any occasion: the cut goes well with leggings, skirt, joggers and many other "bottoms"....
  • Petite - a proposal for shorter girls and fans of crop tops: a wide, short t-shirt with a boxy cut is distinguished by a charming, feminine feistiness.

T-shirt prints complete the stylish whole. The hashtag #nessigirl speaks for itself; the colorful bouquet of flowers is a nod to Issen Casual idea – inspired by the beauty, abundance and diversity of wild nature.



The material of all t-shirts from the Issen Casual collection is organic cotton - a material unique for its lightness and delicacy, which you will be delighted with from the first fitting. Unlike artificial materials of poor quality, cotton does not block airflow, which will allow you to feel comfortable even on sweltering days - especially since, thanks to the high quality of the material, you don't have to worry about your t-shirt fading in the sun. And the colors of the Issen Casual collection are one of a kind: saturated, deep, filling you with energy for the whole day. You can also choose from classic white and black - the basic colors calm down the stylization and allow for a riot of colors in the rest of the outfit.

The cotton from which we sewed Issen women's shirts is unique for one more reason: the entire process of its production took place with respect for the natural environment and human rights, without the use of agricultural chemicals and with economical use of water. T-shirts meet the expectations of vegans in 100% - their entire construction, including the washpapa used to make the emblem, comes straight from nature.