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Tracksuit pants – a history of comfort

Tracksuit pants – solo or in a set with a blouse is a rather new invention. In the 30s of the 20th century it was created by the founder of the brand Le Coq Sportif – Emile Camuset. Initially the seam was placed at the front to give the pants a bit more elegant look! At first they were associated with team games and jogging or eventually spending the day on the couch. They were just supposed  to be a comfortable outfit but then nobody thought of putting them on for work and meetings.

Already in the 70s they took the screen by storm: they were worn by the characters played by John Travolta or Sylvester Stallone. At a time when the heroes of American TV series in gray tracksuits wandered the alleys of the Central Park, in Poland the tracksuit gained a wrong reputation: it began to be associated with ortalion, bad taste and gangster glow. Today, we definitely put these stories into fairy tales. Madonna, Alessandra Ambrosio, duchess Kate, Victoria Beckham, Kendall Jenner – women known from the front pages of newspapers eagerly put on tracksuits to social gatherings, while going out with a dog, flashing on the red carpet or jogging. The 90s fashion returned to the salons and with it comfortable tracksuit pants.

Styles of tracksuit pants – which to choose?

We have colorful propositions for you that will work well in every situation: during and after training, at home and on the go. Choose your favorite style and enjoy the comfort.

•    Insulated tracksuit pants – tracksuit pants adjustable at waist. Made of an innovative Vetur Guard fabric, which was created especially for our needs. The two-layer material will be your shield against the cold. On the inside they have a delicate, skin-friendly bristle. High level of thermoactivity: does not cause a feeling of overheating, giving a perfect thermal balance. Three pockets for things you want  close at hand. The best comfortable option for cold days.

•    Light tracksuit pants – lightweight tracksuit pants adjustable at waist. They are delicate and airy. High breathability of the fabric works well on warm days. Three pockets for things you want close at hand. Universal design that does not restrict movement. Perfect for warm days and indoors all year round.

•    3/4 tracksuit pants – airy pumps made of lightweight fabric. They feature excellent breathability, which is important during activity. Delicate and durable at the same time. Pants have three pockets, are also adjustable at waist. A modern design that works well with the silhouette.

Comfort in the first place – what we sew our tracksuits from?

Tracksuit pants can serve you all year round! Depending on where you will use them, choose shorter or longer one, you can also decide on insulated ones when you get cold. We use innovative fabrics in which you will feel at ease.

•    Vetur Guard – This innovative fabric was made on the basis of our many years of experience. In cooperation with the manufacturer, we have created a knitwear with a low grammage but with very high thermoactive properties. Very durable and resistant to degradation. Stretchy in 4 directions. It is a shield that will protect you in the most extreme moments of your training. We use Vetur Guard for sewing insulated tracksuit pants.

•    Resi Slim – This is a lightweight and at the same time durable knitted fabric, that works well with sportswear. Its important feature is also excellent breathability. Thanks to such advantages, pants made of this material interact with the figure, do not restrict movement and provide ease. Due to fast drying, they will be your support during activity and on hot days. From this material we sew light tracksuit pants and 3/4 tracksuit pants – pumps.

Women's tracksuits at home and at work: make your own stylization

You can wear our tracksuit pants wherever you like. Thanks to original patterns and bold colors, they do not resemble boring, gray pants that we associate from the 1990s. Make daring stylizations by combining tracksuit pants with high-heels, a t-shirt and a handbag – it is a guarantee of convenience while shopping and in the city. In the office you will provide yourself with a unique look and comfort. Our women's tracksuits are also a natural choice when traveling: on a plane or in a car. If you want to feel good at home and look beautiful at the same time – choose your favorite pattern and relax in a great style.