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Trekking blouses and women's tourist blouses - wear for the whole year!

Outdoor blouses are one of the most versatile items of clothing. They will work all year round - in  winter under a jacket, and in summer as outerwear. Thanks to their properties, they perfectly protect against external weather conditions, and at the same time are extremely comfortable and convenient.

You can wear them with many everyday stylizations, they go well with jeans, but their main purpose is activity - this is their natural environment. Whether you run, ride a bike, love mountain hiking, we bet you can't do without Nessi Sport women's trekking blouses.

Which model of nessi sport trekking blouse to choose?

If your passion is all-day trekking, choose one of our women's blouses for the mountains - a thermoactive blouse with a high stand-up collar or a thermoactive longsleeve.
For running training and competitions, women's premium zipped blouses and hoodies will work fantastically. If you are skiing, try our insulated designer sports blouse.

We haven't forgotten about fans of cycling - here thermoactive trekking blouses will work well, as well as the aforementioned premium zipped blouse.

What do we sew our women's trekking blouses from?

Drawing from our experience, we are well aware that what is crucial for trekking sweatshirts is innovative materials. They are mainly responsible for the quality of our blouses.

  • Vetur Guard - we create our designer sports blouses and thermoactive blouses with a high stand-up collar from this 2-layer knitted fabric with a high degree of thermal insulation. The material effectively protects from the cold and gives a feeling of comfort when worn. It is finished on the inside with skin-friendly microfleece.
  • Cubic Guard - from this material we sew premium zipped hoodies and thermoactive longsleeves. This knitted fabric is like a shield against the cold and wind, while on the inside it is delicate and pleasant to the touch. It exhibits a high level of thermoactivity.
  • Resi Slim - this material we use to create our year-round hoodies. Resi Slim efficiently wicks moisture away from the skin and dries very quickly, ensuring a feeling of freshness during training. Thanks to the fact that it works in 4 directions, it perfectly interacts with your body during activity.

Trekking blouses with a feminine cut

We design blouses with women in sport in mind. We pay great attention to the fact that at each stage of your training or competition, they harmonize with your body and fit well to the silhouette. Every detail performs its function, which is to increase comfort and convenience while wearing.

Women's tourist blouses from Nessi Sport

If you want to purchase one of our models of women's trekking blouses, take a look at the "Trekking Blouses" tab. There you will find a wide range of blouses for different purposes. Choose from trekking blouses, mountain blouses, as well as those designed typically for activity (running, cycling), or sports designer blouses. In a word, we have the wear for every active woman!