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Blouses not only for athletes

The history of sports blouses as we know and like now, began in the 20s of the 20th century on American football fields. Team player of Alabama Crimson Tide Football, Benjamin Russell Jr. tired of  constant rubbing and biting of the woolen uniform, in cooperation with his father developed a design for a sports blouse, made of more delicate knitwear. Over time, the Russells home manufacture has turned into a thriving clothing brand and knitted blouses with cuffs and hem welts have become popular all over the world.

Sports blouses – a fashionable look not only for training

Blouses appeared for good outside of sports arenas already in the 1930s thanks to the Champion company: in cold weather, New York laborers wore their blouses with hoods as workwear. The casual potential of the model developed in the second half of the 20th century in the academic community of US sports teams. The players started wearing blouses with sewn on names of universities, not only in stadiums but also outside of them, emphasizing the pride and commitment to their alma mater.

Blouse with a hood for jogging and the city

Blouses owe their popularity also to pop culture. Who of us does not remember the scenes from the cult movie Rocky and the scenes of running training with Sylvester Stallone dressed in a gray tracksuit? Voluminous 'hoodies' are also the basis of hip-hop style from which the super-trendy nowadays streetwear is derived.

Today blouses of all kinds appear on the world's catwalks, in street fashion albums and in almost every wardrobe. We combine them with elegant coats, airy dresses and ramones; their basic function however, remains unchanged – sports blouse is a piece of clothing in which you simply exercise well.

What we sew our blouses from?

We say this with a full conviction: Nessi sports blouses are one of the best models on the market! A great merit in this are their innovative fabrics which will provide you with thermal comfort and unhindered freedom of movement in any situation.

•    Cubic Guard – This fabric with the structure of three-dimensional microparticles effectively blocks the piercing wind, wicks moisture away from the skin and the fluff on the inside gently wraps the body. As a result you always feel fresh and you are not at risk of getting cold. Flexible material does not restrict movement, therefore we made out of it our tailored running blouses.

•    Organic cotton – convenience straight from the nature! Fleshy, pleasant in touch knitwear wraps the body like a favorite blanket and allows the skin to breathe freely. These properties are perfect for everyday activities, which is why we chose cotton as the basic material of women's casual blouses. We only use certified yarn sourced with respect for the environment and plantation workers. A slight admixture of elastane provides the cotton fabric with the greater flexibility and resistance to damage.

Women's blouses for all occasions

Women's running blouses with a deep, fitted hood, cuffs with thumbholes, three spacious pockets and a reflector enhancing safety will provide you with everything you need to be able to focus only on the chosen goal.

Are you looking for something to wear after training? Check out our offer of women's casual blouses: You can choose from a classic jumper, hoodie with a front pocket or fashionable bomber that will replace tail-coat or jacket in your wardrobe. Zipped, knee-length blouse with a hood is a bull's eye for those who are getting cold: you will see that in autumn and winter you will not part with it!