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Running hats – enjoy being active in any weather conditions

The head and ears are very sensitive to cold. Gusts of wind effectively enhance the feeling of coolness and training in such conditions is saved by running hats. By covering ears and sinuses you not only take care of comfort during training but also act preventively: you avoid health complications that would eliminate You from physical activity for many days.

You should also remember about a headgear in summer. On sunny days it is easy for the body to overheat and a strongly operating sun is especially dangerous when we are exposed to it for a long time without a hat or shawl. The hat with a visor is the optimal solution: protects against heat stroke or fainting and at the same time is a functional and fashionable complement to sports outfit.

Running hats for summer and winter

Our projecting actions have always focused on providing functional solutions, interesting design and of course comfort during training. It was no different with hats. As avid runners we have tested many of them by ourselves to create perfect models. If you run all year round, you will certainly be pleased with the fact that in our offer you will find running hats for every season of the year.

Hats with a visor are second to none in terms of sun protection. We sew them from an innovative Brisk 3D Ultra knitted fabric that breathes well and quickly wicks moisture away from the skin surface. High, soft knob with a panel construction perfectly adjusts to the shape of the head. The strap on the back is fastened with a latch, on one side it is finished with an elastic and on the other with a practical regulation. Inside the hat is a flexible rim that absorbs sweat and is also responsible for keeping the hat in place. 

Running hats for winter and the transitional period differ in cut, thickness and type of material used. We offer slightly insulated models that fit tightly to the head which can be worn under a ski or bicycle helmet. Thermoactive fabric effectively protects against cold and wind, quickly transmitting excess of moisture to the outside. For fans of more casual style we have thermoactive beanie hats available in a whole range of colors. For those undecided, we have sewn two-sided models to make the creation of training sets even more enjoyable.

Discover the power of color!

We want to color the world with our sportswear. We also carry out our mission through the offer of sports accessories in original colors and patterns. If you only want to share your joy of running with others, we believe that our products will help you in this. Fall in love with our running hats and feel the power of color!