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Sports leggings – what a history!

Today leggings are in the wardrobe of every active woman. Without training leggings, it's hard to imagine practicing your favorite sport discipline. However, before they became a permanent part of the fashion canon, leggings went through a lot! Although men wore them in the Middle Ages but the real boom for this element of clothing is nowadays! In the 1950s they were promoted by Audrey Hepburn and the musical Grease wouldn't be the same without Olivia Newton-John and her leggings.Characteristic Jane Fonda outfit – leggings worn under the bodysuit – it,s already a classic. Cher, Cindy Crawford, J.Lo, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid and many other celebrities are ambassadors of leggings.

Nessi Sportswear training leggings – why are they unique?

Our sportswear for women are years of experience, passion and love for what we do. Therefore Nessi Sportswear training leggings are tailored to expectations of the demanding user – we remembered about everything! The fabric can be stretched in four directions, so our sports leggings adjust to the body shape, covering up minor imperfections. The material is not see-through, so you can safely perform swings, bends or your favorite asanas. The knitwear used in our leggings wicks away the moisture generated during training and facilitates its evaporation, also dries quickly. Colors do not  fade and original patterns made by Polish artists will make you always feel special.

Waistbands in Nessi sports leggings – what to look for

Our leggings are equipped with various types of waistbands, so that you can choose the best one for you. Below you will find out what their characteristic features are.

•    Pro – pressure-free multifunction waistband not only adjusts to the shape of your figure but also keeps leggings in place, providing comfort during activity. There is a spacious pocket in the band in which you can put your phone, keys or gel. You can get to it thanks to three openings-stashes (one on the front part and three on sides). The appropriate cut allowed for reaching a compromise: leggings stay in place and at the same time do not compress.

•    High –  wide corrective waistband will help you gently slenderize the belly area. Thanks to it, you can hide minor imperfections and the sporty-running character of leggings will remain in the first place.There are two diagonally sewn-in zippers at the waistband – thanks to them you will get into one large and spacious pocket. The fasteners are positioned so that you can easily pull out the phone or keys. The pocket content does not move thanks to the appropriate formation of the waistband.

•    Basic – wide waistband that closes gently at the top. Thanks to such a structure, it does not roll up, adjusts well to the body and keeps the belly in check. It is perfect for the gym because we have consciously resigned here from all ornaments: there are no strings or pockets so that you can focus in 100% on yourself and your training.

Innovative fabrics in sports leggings provide support during training

We know that you pay attention to the appropriate cut and intriguing patterns. These are important issues that we combine with the right materials, providing you with comfort. Sports leggings must be well presentable, also have to be your personal support that will facilitate your training and make it more enjoyable.

What fabrics have we chosen to sew our leggings

•    Resi Ultra 4K – Durable and at the same time very  flexible. Stretches in four directions, so that the clothing made of it work well with the figure, adjust to it and help mask minor imperfections. Resi Ultra does not show through during bends, skips, lunges. This fabric is used for sewing leggings with patterns. Thanks to its qualities, colors remain saturated and do not fade with time or under the influence of the sun.

•    Resi Slim –  Thin and at the same time durable fabric – this compromise is perfect for sportswear. Its next advantage is breathability: wicks away moisture and dries quickly. Thanks to its properties work well as a material in the waistbands of our leggings.

•    Resi Fit – This is a knitwear that ranks with its properties in between Resi Slim and Resi Ultra 4K. Its advantage is a great flexibility: Stretches in 4 directions on the principle of X. This feature means that you can count on a perfect fit to your figure. Great breathability parameters provide the activity without unwanted moisture – the sweat is drained to outer structures and then evaporated.

•    Brisk Soft – This fabric has an innovative mesh structure, thanks to it, quickly drains moisture and prevents abrasions. Therefore we use Brisk Soft in OSKK leggings, creating from it inner panels on thighs in order to additionally protect this delicate area. During exercise the fabric wicks moisture away from the skin and facilitates its evaporation to the outside.  Dries quickly.

•    Vetur Guard – This innovative fabric was made on the basis of our many years of experience. In cooperation with the manufacturer, we have created a knitwear with a low grammage but with very high thermoactive properties. Very durable and resistant to degradation. Stretchy in 4 directions. It is a shield that will protect you in the most extreme moments of your training. From this fabric we sew our insulated leggings for the autumn/winter season.

What to combine exercise leggings with

Choose the length that is right for you – here you will find long leggings, petite for shorter girls, 3/4, 2/3 or ultra-short zero form. Depending on the season and personal preferences, choose a thinner and more airy model or insulated one that will prevent you from getting cold in autumn and winter. All our leggings are the excellent choice for running, gym, zumba or tennis classes. They also work well in SUP, nordic walking, during climbing or mountain expeditions. They are used by professionals in sports competitions and amateurs of activity during their daily training. However this is not the end of leggings appliance! They will be perfect for traveling and take up very little space in the luggage. Will also be convenient complement to everyday outfits and urban stylizations; You will make interesting combinations with our sports and casual blouses, t-shirts or running jackets.