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Women's sports bum bags - an indispensable accessory

This reliable accessory, dating back to its popularity in the 90s., is now one of the most liked sports accessories. It is encountered both on city streets, during sports activities, during mountain excursions, and simply on a daily basis. Thanks to its functionality, it successfully replaces handbags.

Women's sachets - superpractical and stylish

In the Nessi Sportswear online store you will find 4 proposals for women's bum bags, also known as sachets, in energetic colors and unusual patterns. They are distinguished by their compact size, while at the same time considerable capacity. You can easily pack your wallet, phone, keys and even a half-liter bottle of water in it! Its measurements are selected so as to ensure full freedom of movement. Thanks to it, you will always have all the necessary items with you.

In addition to the size, the comfort of wearing is also influenced by the wide adjustable strap. It stabilizes the women's bum bag (does not twist or fall) no matter how you wear it. What's more, to improve your convenience, inside the sports sachet you will find a special carabiner to which you can attach your keys.

We topped off the Nessi Sport bum bag with a solid zipper closure, which will give you a sense of security and awareness that you will not lose your valuables.

Why have handbags, or popular bum bags, been permanently included in everyday stylizations?    

Nessi Sport bum bags are an additional element of clothing that not only gives a modern look, but also does not constitute an over-planned burden. It is an essential accessory that does not require the involvement of hands while wearing.

Our multifunctional Nessi Sport bum bags catch the eye with their unconventional patterns and expressive color scheme.

How to wear a women's sachet?

Nessi Sport bum bags can be worn in several ways, and every time they will add an expressive finish to your casual-sports outfits. You can wear it classically on your hips. It is also fashionable to  sling it over the shoulder. Recently, it is gaining popularity to wear a sachet just like a classic handbag, on the shoulder.

Where will the sachets from Nessi Sport work?

In many different situations on a daily basis, as well as during sports activities. Regardless of whether you are going to a concert with friends or for a long walk in the woods, or maybe you are planning trekking or a bike ride, our women's bum bag will accompany you everywhere. And whenever you care about convenience.

How to buy Nessi Sportswear women's bum bag?

Visit our department of sports accessories, there you can easily purchase one of our bum bags, often simply called handbags. The whole process is extremely simple and intuitive, check it out for yourself!