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A jacket – what's its history?

Flyers, parkas, denim jackets, ramoneses, downy jackets, anoraks, duffle coats. Sports styles, for everyday, to rain, windbreakers and elegant. The jacket is nowadays a must-have item in every wardrobe. The word jacket itself is derived from a Sarmatian word 'kurta' or Latin 'curtus' which we translate as 'short'. This item of garment has become an important part of everyday and stage stylizations. Leather jacket beloved by James Dean and Marlon Brando, parka which protected soldiers in difficult weather conditions, denim katana that was part of a working class outfit. Each style of the jacket carries an interesting story! We especially like the story straight from Los A ngeles: Irvin Schott called a jacket of his own invention Perfecto, however does anyone know this name today? Unfortunately an American didn't have luck and his idea was baptized as ramones after the name of a punk band.

Sports jacket – what elements should it have?  

A jacket is not only an outer garment that can play a major role in your stylization but also an indispensable protection against unfavorable weather conditions. We know very well what elements a running jacket must have so that you can use it all year round!

Our sports jacket is equipped with an adjustable hood that not only fits the head anatomy but also gives you  a full protection against wind and rain. We also thought of taped seams and a splash-proof  zipper which are an indispensable element of a sports jacket; thanks to them you can be convinced that the moisture will not get from the outside.

If you run or exercise outdoors in low temperatures, you will definitely appreciate a clasp that prevents a jacket from unfastening. No less important are pockets, so we placed two at the front and one at the back. The latter is very spacious and has a loop for headphones. You can safely store your essentials and listen to music comfortably.

What counts for us are the details that we pay close attention to when creating our clothing, including a sports jacket. Here are some of the most crucial elements that will make your activity even more enjoyable:

•    Jacket hides into its own pocket, so it takes up little space in a bag or a backpack.

•    Jacket's weight is only 160 grams!

•    Jacket's bottom is adjustable with stoppers for the best fit to your figure. We have equipped stoppers with comfortable handles.

•    We put reflectors on the left chest, on sleeves and on the back to increase your visibility.

•    The pendant will allow you to conveniently hang a jacket after training.

Functionality that you can trust: what we sew sports jackets from?

A jacket is an inseparable part of clothing at any time of the year. Changeable conditions in the mountains, capricious spring aura or autumn uncertain weather is the moment when you will likely use it. We took care of the appropriate innovative fabric thanks to which you can be sure that you are properly protected.

Our jacket is made of Wind Tex material with high parameters of water resistance and breathability.

Wind Tex parameters:

10 000 mm H2O/m2/24h – water resistance
20 000 g H2O/m2/24h – breathability

What does it stand for? The membrane will not pass 10 000 mm of water per m2 for 24 hours. On the other hand 20 000 g H2O/m2/24h breathability is an extremely high value to wick away moisture  from your skin. Therefore, you can train freely or take part in sports competitions in the rain. It is essential that the membrane works as a breathing pendulum which carries on the air in two directions. This technology causes to block the permeation of water from the outside. In turn, from the inside, it facilitates the evaporation of moisture generated during physical exertion. Properly used membrane is a balance between waterproofness and breathability, however it does not resemble a rubber coat. The fabric we use is resistant to abrasion and does not lose its vivid colors in washing or under the influence of the sun.

Sports jacket in training and for every day

It is said that there is no bad weather – there is only inadequately chosen outfit. Especially when it rains, this saying is true in 100%. So that on a cloudy day nothing surprises you, remember about our sports jacket: it takes up little space and is very light, therefore you can always have it with you.   Remember that, in many ultra runs the sports jacket is an obligatory element of the runner's equipment! You will also look professional and colorful during mountain training or jogging through the streets of your city. Nothing prevents you from matching our jacket with your everyday outfit and going to work or a social event in it. Remember about our sports jacket also when you pack your suitcase for a trip. Add color to your stylizations, especially when there is gray around.