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Headbands: an ornament and a protection 

If you love running, the headband should be your inevitable companion. No matter if you go out for morning training at dawn or finish the day with it, you certainly know that optimal weather conditions during outdoor activities are rare. The gusty wind, light drizzle, high air humidity, mist falling on the face and clothing – the spectrum of unfavorable factors can be very wide.

Headband will allow you to cover ears and sinuses from cold and wind, however it is incorrect to say that this is a product reserved only for the autumn and winter period. On warmer days of the year, it will draw the moisture from sweat-beaded forehead and sweat-stinging eyes will be just a vague memory.

Sports headbands are not only the choice of enthusiasts of physical activity. They are also often used by people who prefer a sporty and comfortable style of clothing on a daily basis, to complement their casual outfits with them. We strive to make our projects attractive with their design and impress with their functionality, so if you belong to this group, we invite you to our Colorful Team!

Moisture-absorbing bands – comfort comes first 

Running teaches that comfort should be the first priority. Only then can you think about the effects, results and time trials. Moisture-absorbing bands will show you a new face of running training and you will start to wonder what your life was like without them.

Our women's bands are made of innovative materials with excellent breathability parameters. Brisk 3D Ultra knitted fabric quickly draws moisture from the skin and spreads it over its surface. All thanks to intelligent fibers. The material dries fast because the air freely permeates into three-dimensional structures. What is equally important, the fabric indicates high resistance to deformation, colors and patterns do not clash even with frequent washing and exposure to the sun.

Running bands don't have to be boring

We believe in energy enchanted in color and we smuggle this idea into the products we create. Vivid colors, bold patterns and interesting prints are the hallmarks of Nessi. We still receive reports from our clients that our sportswear gives wings.

In Nessi you will find running bands in solid colors or in patterns which include our shirts and leggings. We have something for fans of classic black and powder pink, smooth bands and with a delicate print. There is no boredom. We invariably urge you not to sleep, just run!