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Thermal underwear for training on chilly days

Unfavorable weather is not a limitation in practicing sports – regardless of what activity we are talking about! Modern clothes and thermoactive underwear for training perfectly protect from the cold and at the same time are light and thin, therefore assembling the outfit from several functional layers is not a problem. In appropriately matched clothes you can enjoy your passion and achieve training goals on each of 365 days of the year.

In the group of year-round sports activities there is no lack of water sports – indoor swimming pools are open for the whole year and it is difficult to find a free track in autumn and winter, when the cold does not allow you to splash in outdoor bathing areas. There are also those for whom the outdoor bathing season begins - ice swimming has always been quite popular and we have had a real boom in recent years! We keep our fingers crossed for all those who do not come out of the water also in winter and we come to meet them with our offer.

Thermal underwear – women's weapon against cold and wind

Probably every fan of an active lifestyle has at least one set of thermoactive underwear in the wardrobe. Tops and leggings made of dedicated materials keep the body pleasantly warm and thanks to good breathability and the ability to wick away moisture, they also protect against sweating and cold.

Thermoactive underwear is sewn from materials with high flexibility which in combination with a seamless construction ensures a precise fit and full freedom of movement. Clothes stretch proportionally to the work of the body, do not stand out under clothes and do not irritate the skin. Ultra-thin shirts and leggings pan out perfectly under any top layer.

Material of thermoactive underwear from our offer, synthetic knitted fabric Amet Fiber, has all of the above advantages – and it is not the end! Delicate, light as a feather material is at the same time very durable, therefore you can wear and wash it as often as you like. Tops and longsleeves made of it can also be worn standalone.

Thermoactive underwear for swimmers and winter swimmers

After coming out of the swimming pool, it is worth wearing warm clothes in order to avoid chilling yourself on the way home. The set of thermoactive underwear is then an ideal base for an outfit: just put pants and a jacket on it to enjoy the pleasant warmth. Thermoactive properties and flexibility of the material will also be appreciated by winter swimmers: stretchy tops and leggings do not create resistance  when getting dressed quickly and gentle wrap from head to toe after bathing in icy water is a completely new dimension of comfort!