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Insulated pants for women nessi sportswear - for whom?

"Close to the active" - for years we have been guided by this slogan. And so are our products. Our pants are dedicated to all active women. Are you a sports enthusiast or just like to spend time actively? Choose from a diverse range of women's winter pants: from more fitted models to looser cuts. You will find insulated women's pants designed for running, trekking, as well as those that will work well for casual wear. As well as insulated tracksuit pants, which you can successfully wear while hiking in the mountains, skiing, ice skating, or during everyday walks.

Women's insulated pants - the optimal solution for the coming fall  and winter

If you want to stay active in the fall-winter season, it is worth betting on Nessi Sportswear women's warm pants. Thanks to their properties and innovative Vetur Guard knitted fabric, they will provide you with thermal comfort at the appropriate level. What does this mean? Women's insulated pants will maintain the optimal temperature of your body during activity, preventing cooling down. On the other hand, they will allow your skin to breathe and efficiently wick moisture to the outside - you will not overheat in them and you will not get cold. They will provide excellent protection against changing weather conditions in the fall-winter period.

With what to combine women's winter pants from Nessi Sportswear?

With our pants you will complement casual, everyday stylizations. They look excellent when combined with jackets, as well as blouses. Thanks to their energetic colors and unusual patterns, they will enliven your outift and "color" grey fall-winter landscape.

As our insulated women's pants are designed for sports activities in fall and winter, they will go well with the clothing designed for training. Wear them together with running blouses and sports jackets. They equally well match classic outdoor accessories: multifunctional snoods or warm merino wool hats.

What are the advantages of women's pants for winter?

The main advantage of Nessi Sport women's insulated pants is the innovative warm Vetur Guard knitted fabric. The pants sewn from them will be an effective barrier against the cold in fall and winter. They will provide you with thermoregulation at a high level. Thanks to the 4-direction extensibility of the fabric, they perfectly harmonize with the female silhouette during activity. This knitted fabric also means that the insulated pants for winter are durable and resistant to abrasion.

Nessi Sport women's winter pants have many well-thought-out, functional details, such as: a gusset responsible for a precise fit, an elastic tape at the waistband and a string-adjustable waistband, practical pockets, as well as solid, durable seams. The whole thing is topped off with a reflective logo.

Where to buy and how to order warm Nessi Sport women's pants?

Women's pants for winter: insulated tracksuit pants and insulated running pants you can buy in the online store Nessi Sportswear. Take a look at our section "Insulated pants", choose your favorite pattern, considering their purpose. Complete your purchase in just a few intuitive steps, and we will take care of prompt service and express shipping.