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Running gloves – hands under tender care 

Are you an athlete, runner, fighter who is not afraid of low temperatures outside the window? You are certainly familiar with the problem of cold-stiff hands which further intensify the feeling of discomfort while running. An unpleasant consequence also is chapped, irritated and dry skin on hands.

There is a remedy for that. Running gloves are the solution. Do not be afraid of sweating and overheating your hands. Thermoactive, breathable fabrics quickly wick away moisture and provide  optimal protection of hands against adverse external factors.

Running gloves not only in winter

If you hit the road while others are still soundly asleep, you know that even spring and autumn mornings can be very cold. Do not limit yourself to use gloves only in the winter season. Thin running gloves keep hands warm and dry, regardless of the exercise intensity. They do not restrict the movement of fingers and harmonize with the natural movement of hands.

Thin running gloves are made of functional Flexible Fit knitted fabric which provides effective thermoregulation of palms and protects against cold. Thicker, three-layer Trito, designed for autumn and winter, wicks moisture away from the skin's surface on an ongoing basis and evaporates it quickly, guaranteeing fully comfortable training, regardless of the aura outside the window. 

Details under scrutiny

For fans of devices with touch screens, we have placed special non-slip panels on the thumb and index finger that allow you to use electronic devices without taking off gloves. 

The flexible material makes gloves fit well on the entire surface of hands. It is not only about aesthetic impressions and the convenience of use. Four-directions stretchability of knitted fabrics we use, makes them fit tightly to the body and do not restrict movement. Thermoactive properties of the material itself are only activated in direct contact with the skin. In this context, it is worth remembering that the size of gloves is not irrelevant.

In the construction of women's running gloves, it is also worth paying attention to the elongated cuff which prevents cold gusts of air from getting inside; it is also easy to hide it under the sleeve of a blouse or jacket. Our models are as well equipped with practical magnets that facilitate storage.