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Nessi Sportswear training clothing

Nessi Sportswear is a brand that for 15 years has been creating clothing for athletes, both beginner enthusiasts and professionals. You will find women's clothing that will meet your expectations no matter what level of training or advancement you are at. You run, practice nordic walking, ride a bike, practice yoga, or maybe train combat sports - we have training clothes dedicated to many sports disciplines. With characteristic, distinguishing patterns and the energy of colors. Feel the power of Colors!

Training outfits for active women

Who is our exercise clothing designed for? We design it with all active women in mind. We create training outfits from materials that will support you at every stage of training and competition, in various weather conditions. Both in the fall-winter season and in the spring-summer period. We pay special attention to ensure that our training blouses and high-waisted leggings constitute an exercise set that will fit the body well and harmonize with the female silhouette. Comfort and convenience during training above all.

How to wear training clothing?

If you are planning to train in an enclosed space (yoga, trainer, pilates, zumba), we recommend wearing one layer, i.e. a training shirt and short leggings. It is important that exercise clothing is  made of breathable knitted fabrics that will prevent overheating, but also ensure a sense of freshness and comfort during activity.

When training outdoors, you should choose training clothes taking into account the current weather. The colder it is, the more layers we should wear. That is why it is so important in this case that your training outfit is characterized by a high level of thermoactivity. On the one hand, those 2-3 layers you are wearing are supposed to protect you from cold gusts of air, while on the other hand, they should efficiently wick away moisture, thus preventing your body from cooling down. It is also important that when you are extremely warm and fear overheating, you can always take off one of the layers.

Multisport training clothes

What are the main advantages of our women's training outfits? First of all, they are multi-tasking and designed for different sports disciplines. You can successfully use our exercise clothing for indoor training . Training clothes are perfect for a wide range of outdoor activities: from running, through nordic walking, cycling, ending with long trips to the mountains. Wherever we are dealing with activity, it is worth betting on Nessi Sportswear training clothing.

Training outfits for indoor activities

In our offer you will also find women's exercise outfits, which will be perfect for all indoor activities. Try training leggings, for the gym, or during yoga, zumba, as well as during other forms of activity in the hall. Complete the whole with breathable tops and essential accessories such as socks and headbands.

Where to buy and how to order training clothes?

You can make the purchase in the Nessi Sportswear online store. Choose from our wide range of training wear. It is characterized by innovative materials, functional solutions and refined details. The whole is always topped with our unique, authorial patterns. Take a look around, choose the items that suit your preferences, and we will take care of hassle-free service and fast shipping. Have a successful shopping - Nessi Sport team.