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Sports socks – the basis of your comfort

There is no successful, safe training without good sports shoes and what we wear under them is of equal importance. Comfortable sports socks will help you run, march and dance as much as your heart desires, leaving your skin smooth and fresh without irritation or abrasions. Specialized running socks support joints and tendons, they also have a compression function for the muscles and their thermoactive properties provide the maintenance of optimal body temperature. Pair them with well-ventilated shoes to enjoy so far unattainable comfort.!

Functional fabrics of women's sports socks

Our socks are made of carefully selected blends of yarns that provide the maintenance of all desired properties. The basis of casual models is cotton: although technology is currently at a cosmic level and many synthetic fibers provide 100% comfort, still in many situations the best solutions are straight from nature.

Soft, delicate, airy cotton is actually created for the production of clothes and accessories that are closest to the body, such as socks. The addition of synthetic Elastane and Gumitex gives the knitted fabric flexibility, needed for a perfect fit and full freedom of movement. The stretchy yarn also provides stabilization of the welts - these keep socks in place so that you do not have to worry about their annoying rolling or falling.

Intense activities require reaching for special means: we make running and trail socks of polyamide reinforced with Prolen and Gumitex. The obtained knitted fabric instantly wicks moisture away from the skin, no bacteria or mold grow on its surface and its durability is at the highest level. You will appreciate the quick drying of the material on bivouacs or sports camps, when you give 120% of yourself every day on the track and you have a limited number of socks for a change.

Sports socks – every detail matters

Professional sports socks have a zonal construction enabling effective ventilation while supporting and cushioning the instep. Race long running socks are our biggest technological achievement: the area of heels and toes which are particularly exposed to mechanical damage, are additionally reinforced. If you like models that cover the ankle, protruding beyond the upper of the shoe, thanks to our models you will gain another reflective element that will improve your safety after dusk: we put reflectors in the upper part of socks.

One training session is enough to see how light and pleasant it is to exercise in our sports socks – and after many months when you take them out of the drawer in perfect condition, you will also be convinced about their durability!