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Discover our collection of training skirts - comfort and style for every workout!

Training skirts are becoming increasingly popular among women who value comfort and style during physical activity. It's a perfect choice if you don't want to sacrifice your feminine look during your workout. In our collection, you will find tennis skirts with pleats, as well as smooth-fitting running skirts. Both models have leggings sewn underneath, making Nessi Sportswear skirts suitable for even the most demanding workouts and tennis matches.

All of our training skirts in the collection are made from high-quality, stretchy materials, ensuring maximum comfort during exercise. Many of them also feature special technologies that regulate temperature and wick moisture away from the body, keeping your skin dry even during intense exertion. Importantly, the skirts are available in various sizes, so every woman can find a model that perfectly fits her silhouette.

Our training skirts are not only about comfort but also about a fashionable appearance. The collection offers a variety of patterns and colors that allow you to express your individuality and stand out on the court or during rollerblading.

How to wear and style training skirts?

Our models are versatile options that work well for cardio workouts, tennis matches, or rollerblading. Depending on your preferences, you can pair skirts with various types of shirts, tops, and even hoodies. It all depends on your style and preferences. One thing is for sure – training skirts are a comfortable and fashionable alternative to leggings and sweatpants that you will surely love!

Functional training skirts made from lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying materials

Pleated training skirts with short leggings sewn underneath are a perfect choice for women who want to feel feminine and stylish during their workout. Pleated skirts add style, while the short leggings underneath provide comfort, a perfect fit, and protection against chafing. This type of skirt is suitable for various types of physical activity, including tennis matches and rollerblading.

Running skirts with short leggings sewn underneath are also ideal for women who want to train comfortably and stylishly. These skirts are made from lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying materials that allow the skin to breathe and keep it dry. Short leggings provide comfort and protection against chafing, while the skirt adds style and femininity. With this combination, you can enjoy your workout without worrying about your appearance or comfort. Running skirts are perfect for runners at all levels and for those engaging in other forms of physical activity as well.