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Sports tops for enthusiasts of activity

Do you love running, skipping on a skipping rope, jumping on a trampoline or high? With such dynamic exercises,your outfit must be up to the challenge. Try Nessi tops! It is an essential element in your wardrobe. Will provide you with comfort during effort, will keep the bust still – thanks to this no training will cause you pain. At the same time, our tops have been designed in accordance with the latest trends. Colorful, patterned, whatever you want – sports tops can quickly appear in your wardrobe. The sports bra can function as a standalone cloth, when you need maximum freedom of movement or you feel too warm or you just like it. With our leggings and tracksuits you can create any sets. Compose them the way you like and the most convenient for you. However, if it's colder or you do not feel well in sports top itself, you can use it as underwear for a shirt. Expose it as you like and when you want!

Sports bras – healthy and comfortable

The best investment is an investment in health and a well-chosen sports bra is a good step to take care of it. Properly matched, it should uphold the bust but can't constrict. Stabilization must go hand in hand with comfort, achieved thanks to soft seams, breathability of the fabric and fit to our figure. So that you do not feel pressure during exercise, we have placed a seamless tape under the bust. Nessi sports tops are made of light, moisture-wicking  material. We are aware that the layer closest to your body must be delicate and non-irritating.     

How to choose the right sports bra?

You have to remember that only a well-chosen top will fulfill its function. If it's too loose, it will not hold the breasts and too tight will give the impression that it prevents you from breathing freely. To perfectly match the size, measure your circumference under the bust on the exhale and round down the result that ends with a digit other than zero or five. It is the most important measurement: note that the breasts are held in place by the tape under the bust, not the shoulder straps. Then measure your bust circumference and find your size in the table. Did you find? Perfectly! Now enjoy the comfort and feel free to wear Nessi sports tops – regardless of size, you look gorgeous.