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Headbands – functionality contained in simplicity

The thermoactive running headband is a year-round product: its universal design and breathable fabric are perfect for both summer heat and cool, windy days. Read how you can use it!

If you regularly practice sports outdoors you certainly know how bothersome is the sweat flooding forehead and eyes. To avoid this problem just put on a headband made of breathable Brisk 3D Ultra knitted fabric. The material with a three-dimensional structure collects moisture from the skin surface on an ongoing basis and spreads it over the entire surface, which allows it to dry quickly. Knitwear also impresses with its flexibility and soft, delicate texture – the band covers the head slightly like a cloud, so even on hot days you will feel nothing but freshness.

Training headbands (not only) in autumn and winter

When a gusty wind whips from all sides and the cold bites the ears, training headbands are perfect for the protective function. The thermoactive knitted fabric effectively keeps the heat close to the body and thanks to its fast-drying properties you will avoid unpleasant contact of wet, cold material with the skin. You will need a protection against the wind at any time of the year – at sea or in high mountains, storms can take their toll regardless of the date on the calendar. A light headband often wears better than a hat that covers the entire head.

Alternative uses of headbands

Sports headbands can be both self-worn and under a sports cap or helmet. Then they perform the function of additional insulation and make it easier to keep the outer headgear clean: fast-drying, small headband is easy to wash and dry at any time. If you have long hair you probably know how to use the headband as a hair tie; a patent known from tennis courts may also be useful – the headband wpapped around the wrist turns into a cloth for wiping sweat from the forehead.

Women's sports headband – stylish accessory for your outfit

Accessories for clothes have one more magical advantage – one expressive accessory is enough to give character and glamor to even the simplest stylization. Nessi sports headbands work phenomenally in this function: our prints catch the eye and make you stand out wherever you go. Do you prefer to play with the power of pure color? Choose a smooth headband in the shade that suits your face the most and run to meet the adventure!