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Insulated running pants - don't give up sport in fall and winter!

The days are getting shorter, the weather is not conducive to outdoor activities - by no means this is a reason to give up your favorite sports activities. Thanks to well-chosen, functional clothing, you will be able to run regardless of the prevailing aura. In this year's Lively FW 22'23 collection, we have expanded our offer to include women's insulated pants made of innovative Vetur Guard material.

Are women's running pants just for running?

Our pants were created primarily for running, but they will also work well during trekking or cycling on colder days. During any outdoor activity in the fall-winter season, it is worth considering wearing Nessi Sport running pants. But not only. They will also work well on a daily basis, in casual use. They are a synonym of ideal outdoor clothing.

How to choose running pants for winter?

To make the right choice, you should pay attention to the workmanship of the pants and the material they are made of. First of all, they must protect against adverse weather conditions, low temperatures and penetrating, cool wind. Equally important is that they should interact with your body well, not pressing anywhere, but also are not too loose. After all, winter running pants will be used mainly for outdoor sports - this was the idea behind the design of Nessi Sport pants.

What distinguishes running pants from Nessi Sportswear?

Nessi Sport running pants are a combination of exceptional comfort with maximum protection against the cold, so that you can focus 100% on your activity in the fall-winter season. Obtaining these two key features was possible thanks to the innovative Vetur Guard knitted fabric. It is a 2-layer material with a unique honeycomb construction, which we used to sew our women's running pants. It is responsible for both comfort and thermal insulation. And thanks to the extraordinary flexibility of this knitted fabric, the pants fit perfectly to the body.

Unique cut and refined details.

The second important feature of our Nessi Sport pants is the unique cut, which constitutes a compromise between looseness and fit. Such a construction makes the pants perfectly harmonize with the female silhouette during movement, giving a sense of complete, unlimited freedom.

Other important features that take care of the precise fit to the silhouette, and thus ensuring maximum comfort, are a special gusset running along the seams and a flexible, non-pressure tape at the waist.

Whereas, the uncommon colors and patterns of Nessi Sport running pants will make you stand out in style at every training.

Where to buy running pants in winter?

You can find women's running pants in a variety of patterns at the online store. Visit the "running pants" tab and choose one of the models that suits your preferences. Only a few clicks separate you from your dream running pants for winter from the Nessi Sport brand!