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Month after month, our clothing is chosen by more and more active Europeans. Your customers will also love it. We constantly look for new business partners who will use the potential of Nessi Sportswear in their countries.

What do you gain by working with Nessi Sportswear?

Quality which turns into profit

You will expand your offer with high-quality clothing for active people, which is gaining more and more popularity in Europe.

Products always on time

You order products and you receive them on time. We always follow this simple rule but for many difficult to implement.

Speed of delivery

Do you need a product asap? No problem! Due to a well-developed logistics network, we can efficiently deliver your order to any place in Europe.

Marketing support

You will receive all the necessary image materials and know-how. We will constantly be at your disposal. No question will remain unanswered.

Negligible percentage of complaints

Working on the quality of products is what takes most of our time, but today we know that it brings measurable benefits. The amount of complaints about Nessi Sportswear clothing is really negligible.

Customer service support

We deal with complaints quickly, in 95% of cases, immediately exchanging a product for a new one.

Quality confirmed by tests

All Nessi Sportswear products are thoroughly checked by internal and external testers, including active athletes.

Unique color

Nessi Sportswear clothing stands out from the crowd. It is colorful and original. That is why people who love individuality choose it.

made in eu

Made in EU

you can be sure that you would offer clothing 100% made in the European Union to your customers.