The materials that are used for sewing sportswear are a special category of knitted fabrics. They must meet the requirements of both amateurs and professionals, who rely on innovation, functionality and proven solutions. That's why we only use materials that support you during physical activity, whether you run, bet on outdoor activities, practice yoga, fitness or ride a bike. You will find in our assortment such materials that meet your needs. If your passion is traveling, you love exploring new places and delighting in nature, our materials will also work well on trips.



If you plan outdoor activities, you need to remember about weather conditions in fall and winter: cold and even frosty days, combined with rain and snow, cause that you need clothing made of appropriate sports knitted fabrics: regardless of whether it is a jacket, blouse or leggings.

When creating clothing for outdoor activities, we made certain that it provides you with protection from the cold and thermoactivity at the highest level. This is especially important when you want to train and practice sports in fall and winter. Our materials, on the one hand, constitute an impermeable barrier to the cold and wind, and on the other hand, efficiently wick moisture away from the skin, protecting you from cooling down and overheating of the body. We rely on modern technologies so as to respond to your needs.

Among our fall and winter materials you will find Wind Guard, which constitutes an impermeable barrier to wind and creates excellent thermal insulation. It is extremely durable thanks to a special Rip-Stop reinforcement technique. On the other hand, if you are looking for protection on extremely cold and windy days, bet on our modern and three-layer Alpi Guard knitted fabric. The light Vento Zero knitted fabric provides high thermal comfort and maintains its thermal properties even when it gets wet. Betting on the unique two-layer Vetur Guard knitted fabric, you will know the compromise between low grammage and thermal comfort. Cubic Guard, with a microcube structure, breaks up cold gusts of wind like a breakwater to give you a feeling of warmth and comfort. On a warmer day in the fall-winter period, or as one of the layers, the light and breathable Resi Slim material will work well.

Among our fall and winter novelties are also insulations: unique on a global scale, the highest quality natural thermal insulation - Polish goose down, and the innovative Climashield ® Eco outerwear filling.



Materials such as Resi Ultra 4K and Amet Fibra have been created for enthusiasts of activity in the gym, training hall or at home! They are the ones that will give you training support in a durable form. During yoga classes, spinning or home exercises, you want to focus on yourself and the correct performance of a given exercise – it is natural that the materials should support you in this. Try our lusciously colorful leggings, made of Resi Ultra 4K material that does not show through and fits perfectly to the silhouette. If you need breathable clothing that wicks away moisture expressly, it is ultra-light and ultra-durable - these are the qualities of Amet Fibra knitted fabric.

Maximum focus on the needs of the user has allowed us to create innovative knitwear with a whole spectrum of features supporting the athlete. The structure refined to the smallest detail, specialized construction and unique technologies are just some of the advantages of our materials.

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Materiał Puch Gęsi Nessi Sportswear

Goose Down

Materiał Climashield Eco Nessi Sportswear

Climashield Eco

Materiał Wind Guard Nessi Sportswear

Wind Guard

Materiał Vetur Guard Nessi Sportswear

Vetur Guard

Materiał Vento Zero Nessi Sportswear

Vento Zero

Materiał Cubic Guard Nessi Sportswear

Cubic Guard

Materiał Alpi Guard Nessi Sportswear

Alpi Guard

Materiał Resi Nessi Sportswear


Materiał Resi Ultra 4K Nessi Sportswear

Resi Ultra 4K

Materiał Resi Slim Nessi Sportswear

Resi Slim

Materiał Amet Fibra Nessi Sportswear

Amet Fibra

Materiał Amet Fibra Thermo Nessi Sportswear

Amet Fibra Thermo