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Multisport socks – socks for special tasks

Footers, knee-high socks, above the ankle and to half the calf – something good for every foot. You can reign in any discipline, more or less demanding but take care of the comfort of your feet! After all they must serve you for years and carry you on more than one expedition. Let them feel taken care of – Nessi socks will help you with that.

Multisport socks are a universal element of a sports outfit: they not only complement the sporty look but most of all they provide you with comfort during training. Amortizing cushion and flat seams are our standard. Socks are suitable for all athletes. Equipped with an ultra-modern breathing system, they do not cause chafing even after many hours of training. Despite being made of thin cotton, they protect the foot against abrasions. This is due to the perfect fit to the foot and not rolling in the shoe. Who at least once did not suffer from a rolled up sock in the shoe during PE? The bane of school times!

Multisport socks not only for summer!

All Nessi socks provide thermal comfort. While exercising at the gym or gymnastic hall you can change your socks every 30 minutes, although it may be troublesome and a waste of your traininhg time, it is much more difficult on the ski slope. The sweaty foot and the icy air blowing around, it sounds like torture. Frotte ensures a constant feeling of warmth and the Prolen type fabric wicks moisture away, thanks to which you will maintain the thermal balance in a ski or snowboard boot.

Socks don't have to be boring! Multisport socks in all colors!

You don't like boredom in your outfit? Or maybe you like dark colors and only your socks reveal your true face, which is closer to pink than black? Whichever answer you choose, you will find your color! We can offer you plain-colored socks or bold tones combinations. But don't worry – your teeth will not start to grind, our designers are famous for their great color intuition.