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Universal tourist and trekking backpacks

In this year's collection, we have decided to create a backpack that, thanks to its functionality and size, will be comfortable for both daily use and for tourism purposes. And so, we've created a stylish women's trekking backpack by Nessi Sportswear. We wouldn't be ourselves if we didn't add a unique, proprietary design to these functional solutions, which is reflected in our latest spring-summer patterns. If you're looking for a backpack with a floral motif in distinctive, rich colors, you've come to the right place – feel the power of colors!

How to choose a tourist backpack?

The first thing to pay attention to before choosing a backpack is its capacity, as it often determines the size of the backpack. This, in turn, significantly affects comfort during mountain hikes, trekking, or exploring the streets of an ancient city. In such situations, backpacks with medium capacity are suitable, in other words, not too big or too small (e.g., 20-liter backpacks). This capacity allows you to easily pack everything you need for a mountain trip, a long day away from home, or a trip to the pool.

Since we're talking about packing, it's recommended to check the inside of the backpack and how the pockets are arranged – in other words, pay attention to its construction. It's good if the trekking backpack has a large compartment with easy access and additional side pockets that allow you to keep small items within reach. What's next? The material. Here, you should focus on its durability and resistance to mechanical damage. A backpack may end up in various places, and there's a good chance it will snag on something like a branch during a hike. In Nessi Sportswear, we've chosen a tough and durable material with Rip-Stop technology for added reinforcement.

Now, let's look at the details and finishing touches. The shoulder straps are another important consideration since they bear the weight of the backpack's contents and are in direct contact with your back. Wide, soft straps with adjustable length provide comfort while carrying. This way, you can adjust their length to your preferences, and their design ensures they rest comfortably on your shoulders. Before purchasing, also check all the buckles, zippers, and flaps.

Tourist backpacks for everyday use

Women's tourist backpacks, in addition to serving as mountain backpacks, are perfect for everyday use. They are as comfortable as tourist backpacks and as stylish as city ones, making them a likely constant companion in your daily life. Moreover, Nessi Sportswear trekking backpacks are compact but have an appropriately sized 20-liter capacity – just right for everyday use. They also work excellently for travel, as you can pack them into a pocket on the flap, creating a small package. Such a small package easily fits into a suitcase or bag. The lightweight construction of the backpack also contributes to its practicality and ease of use.

Where to buy and how to order trekking backpacks?

You can purchase trekking backpacks and tourist backpacks at the online store. This is the official website of Nessi Sportswear, a brand that creates unique sportswear and accessories not found elsewhere in the domestic market. We combine design with innovative sports fabrics and functional solutions. As a result, our clothing not only pleases the eye and motivates you to take on new challenges but also provides comfortable support at every stage of training and activity. We wish you successful shopping – the Nessi Sportswear team.