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Training blouses with a hood – as durable as You are!

Can you imagine a sportsman's wardrobe without a properly fitted training blouse? Because we don't! There is no outer garment more universal than this. It will work at any time of the year and in various conditions. Our products can be used anywhere, no matter what activity you prefer. Running, hiking, biking and maybe exercising at the home gym? Check the durability of our products – whether they can live up to your pace? We are certain they will.

Extra strong seams, breathable fabric with moisture wicking properties is all you need. If you still have any doubts, please note that our sports blouses with a hood protect against UV rays all year round, not only in summer. Sounds promising? So maybe we will add that our unique prints do not lose their colors. No matter how often you wear it - has the same glow as when the tag is cut off.

Comfort and style in one!

Look extraordinary no matter what you do! Ergonomic shape makes the blouse not restrict your movements, even during the toughest challenges and the longest hikes. We hope that just like us, you will fall in love with delicate but windproof fabric of blouses. If you feel the need, you can take it off at any time and take it with you – its ultra-light formula causes that you do not have to think three times whether to take it on an escapade. Is it a dream come true for universal clothing for all occasions? Just like that! Sports blouses with a hood are perfect sports and casual solution if you prefer loose style for every day. You can freely combine them with leather, denim and accessories, whatever you feel like. They will definitely give you a slack and a twist on a social event.

Safety first and foremost!

Are you electrified by the thought of night bike tours or romantic walks after dusk? We love them too, therefore for the sake of your visibility, we have equipped our sports blouses with reflectors. Always be safe even when it gets dark!