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Outdoor accessories for active women

No running training or outing to the mountains can do without them. Although they are called  outdoor accessories, they actually perform many important functions. They protect the most sensitive parts of the body (winter hats, women's snoods, socks) and allow you to always have the  most precious items with you (sachets, tourist bum bags). Outdoor accessories are an indispensable part of the clothing of any fan of an active lifestyle.

Protect your head with nessi sportswear winter hats

According to recent studies, it is estimated that about 10% of heat escapes through the head. That's why it is especially important to protect it, and also the sinuses, during fall and winter activities. You can ensure this comfort with insulated winter hats from Nessi Sport.
What's more, the hats go well in combination with women's buffs, together creating effective protection against the cold and wind.

Women's bandanas - the most universal tourist accessory

Women's snoods are one of the most popular outdoor accessories. No wonder, Nessi Sport neck snoods, in addition to being distinguished by uncommon colors, protect from the cold and penetrating wind. You can wear them in several ways:

  • In the classic way, simply by putting them around your neck.
  • You can also pull the women's insulated snood up to the height of your nose, shielding part of your face and mouth from the cold.
  • You can also use it to form something like a bandana, which will protect your ears and also keep the moisture generated during activity from running down into your eyes.
  • Women's multifunctional snoods will also serve as a head covering when you tie them together to form a hat.

Nessi Sport women's bum bags - have the  most valuable items at hand on every training and on the go

Did you happen to nervously search for your phone or keys in all your pockets and still in your backpack? With trembling hands you checked all your pockets while the conductor checked your tickets? You don't know what to do with your smartphone when you are heading out for a running training? Whether you are facing a trip to the mountains, a journey, or a walk in your favorite forest, you can store all the most valuable items in a compact tourist bum bag. Thanks to its size you can fit your keys, phone, wallet and even a half-liter bottle in it.
Women's Nessi Sportswear sachets are unconventional patterns and energetic colors - feel the power of colors!

Socks - we have been sewing them for 15 years!

The history of Nessi Sportswear began 15 years ago with socks. Today, thanks to years of experience, we are experts in creating socks designed for active people. In our assortment we have a wide range of top-quality products: from thermoactive socks for intensive workouts, through multi-sport breathable socks and universal cotton socks, to stylish knee-high socks and post-exercise recovery supporting compression socks.

Where can you buy the best quality outdoor accessories?

Take a look at the "Outdoor Accessories" tab. There we have prepared for you dozens of essential clothing items. These include winter hats, neck snoods, sachets and sports socks - all in one place, on the Nessi Sport website.