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Sportswear – to love the activity even more

The appropriate wear for training is the key issue: it is with its help that we face unfavorable weather, we gain a feeling of pleasant freshness and complete freedom of movement. Clothes take away a lot of discomfort from our heads that could prevent us from concentrating and enjoying sports. And although functionality is absolutely in the first place here, we all know that it is even better to exercise in clothes that we just like – in favorite, energetic colors with interesting cuts, emphasizing individual style.

Which of us at least once did not motivate herself to start training by buying nice leggings or a top? Maybe you were celebrating in this way the achievement of a goal or breaking a personal record? And when the outside is dominated by gray, the morning jogging in sunny yellow or floral leggings pleases not only you but also passers-by. Color the world with Nessi Sportswear, contag with passion for sport and activity!

Top-shelf women's sportswear

You don't need much to complete a functional sports wardrobe: start with versatile leggings and a top or a thermoactive t-shirt. Before you decide to choose specific models, pay attention to their fabrics: the primary function of sportswear is to wick away and evaporate moisture from the skin, therefore a good sports knitwear must have breathable properties. It is also important to precisely match the clothes and their cooperation with the body: the comfort you need will be provided by a fabric with high flexibility.

Knitted fabrics from which we sew our sportswear – Resi, Flexible Fit, Brisk 3D –  they cope with mentioned tasks flawlessly and just looking at their stunning colors and patterns will spur you into action. The choice of specific styles is an open matter: swap boxers for longsleeves, rotate the length of leggings. This way you will get your optimal base for running, fitness, strength training. Nordic Walking, roller skating or riding a bicycle; if necessary you can supplement it with additional clothes – of course from Nessi!

Outer sportswear – functionality with a flair for fashion

The ambitious runners, fans of long trekking and cycling trips will choose a thermoactive running  blouse with a zipped collar-stand, which additionally facilitates the regulation of body temperature. When the wind is especially hard, throw on an ultra-light jacket – windbreaker with or without a hood and you will overcome the first chills with a quilted tank top warming the body. Casual cotton jersey blouses and parka jackets are a proposition for walks, trips outside the city, active meetings with friends – their trendy design combines sporty functionality with an eye-catching look.

The female face of sporty slack  

You don't have to limit yourself in desiring to express through clothes: if your everyday wardrobe is dominated by skirts and dresses why should you resign from them during training? Our innovative running skirts with integrated shorts are just the thing especially for you – their functional structure and fabrics with excellent technical parameters will check up even on the ultra run and the airy inner layer will emphasize your feminine nature. Dresses are also a practical outfit for informal summer occasions: Issen cotton and linen models will stay in your seasonal wardrobe for years.

If you are a fan of leggings, we also have an equally wide offer for you: colorful Nessi leggings also work well for hard training and for everyday use. You will feel also at ease in our tracksuits with a slim jogger design, made of high-quality knitted fabrics customized to various weather conditions. Choose your favorite color and pattern of wear and go ahead!