The Ultra series is workout apparel that pushes boundaries so you can break yours. Harness the power of modern technology, charge yourself with the energy of expressive colors - and go for yours! It is a series with intense exertion in mind and consisting of various elements: tops, t-shirts, leggings, underwear. Made of ultra-light, superbly breathable Amet Fibra knitted fabric and construction refined to the smallest detail, Ultra wear provides comfort and unlimited freedom of movement. You can use it during various activities - at the gym, fitness classes, while running, trekking or cycling - and in any season. In fall and winter it will also work well as an additional thermoactive layer that prevents cooling down.

Przeznaczenie odzieży Ultra
Multifunkcyjna odzież Ultra


The innovative 3D channel system efficiently wicks away moisture, thanks to which Ultra wear dries instantly and does not stick to the body, even when you turn up the pace of training to the maximum. These special zones are located in sensitive areas: on the back, under the armpits, under the bust, and in the case of leggings, under the knees. They instantly absorb the moisture that is generated during intense exertion and wick it away from the skin so that it can evaporate freely. You can enjoy freshness and undisturbed comfort at every moment of training.


These leggings will not only provide you with maximum comfort during training, but also give you.... self-confidence! They will fantastically emphasize the assets of your figure thanks to shaping and slimming zones. They were made of Amet Fibra knitted fabric with a slightly increased grammage, so they do not show through and fit perfectly to the body, while maintaining high breathability.

Assets of leggings:

  • high waist shapes the abdominal area and beautifully emphasizes the waistline
  • special shaping zones located at the back on the buttocks and at the front at the height of the hips, which support the muscles while emphasizing the curves of the female silhouette.
  • slimming structures - on the thighs we used panels with a structure of longitudinal stripes - their purpose is to optically lengthen and slenderize the legs.
  • moisture-wicking perforations we placed below the knees.
  • flat seams in combination with ultra-delicate material, provide sensational wearing comfort.
Legginsy multisportowe Ultra
Koszulki ultra


Ultra shirts are available in 3 variants: with short and long sleeves and in a boxer cut. They fit the body softly like a mist and support the body's natural thermoregulatory mechanisms. You can use the sports shirts from the Ultra line all year round for indoor training, and in fall and winter as an additional thin thermoactive layer. They will delight you with the lightness and softness of the material, as well as the versatility of their advantages - wearing a garment that can do so much, you can dare to do more during training.

Assets of shirts:

  • fitted cut softly wraps the body so precisely that during activity you can forget that you are wearing any clothing. It is a whole new dimension of comfort.
  • seamless monocorpus – makes the shirts friendly even to the most sensitive skin. For the rest of the construction we use flat seams and pressureless welts.
  • special zones with 3D moisture-wicking channels. In the shirts we placed them on the entire back, under the bust and under the armpits. In addition, in the longsleeves these zones are located near the cuffs.


Our Ultra tops are an outfit staple for any indoor (and beyond!) activity. They are made of light, thin, breathable Amet Fibra knitted fabric and cut to give you a feeling of complete comfort, whether you are doing your best during tabata or catching your breath while stretching. Ultra top will become the base of your training outfits.

Assets of tops:

  • non-pressure welt and flat seams for total comfort – they do not compress or irritate the skin and perfectly fit to your body
  • special slits, that allow you to place your own bra pads - all this to provide you with not only comfort, but also self-confidence.
  • moisture-wicking perforations – placed on the back special moisture-wicking zones.
Topy Nessi
Bielizna Ultra Nessi


The collection includes 2 models of panties - Normal and high-waisted - as well as undershorts, which you can wear over or instead of underwear. It is enough that you put on our underwear at least once and you will not want to wear any other - because it is so light, delicate and delightfully pleasant to the touch.

Assets of underwear:

  • seamless technology, thanks to which the underwear fits the body fantastically, without the feeling of pressure and the risk of irritation.
  • innovative Hygiene Flow system, i.e. a refinement that prevents the proliferation of bacteria, supporting protection against infections.


Amet Fibra is an innovative knitted fabric that is distinguished by properties to the power of Ultra: ultra-breathability, ultra-lightness and ultra-durability. Its fibers work on the principle of a wick - absorbing the moisture generated during activity and wicking it away so that it can evaporate freely. The clothing made of Amet Fibra will work well during the most strenuous workouts all year round and in winter, as an additional thermal layer.

The most important features of Amet Fibra knitted fabric

  • It is extremely light (up to 20% lighter than comparable materials), yet durable.
  • Thanks to a specially developed construction, it breathes perfectly and dries quickly.
  • The modern weave of the yarn makes the material light, delicate and delightfully soft to the touch -guarantees the highest comfort of use
  • The use of polyamide causes that the clothing does not absorb moisture and additionally improves air circulation so that the skin can breathe freely.

Composition: 90% polyamide, 10% elastane

How to wash wear made of Amet Fibra knitted fabric?

  • The clothing can be machine washed, at a maximum of 40 degrees.
  • Before putting it in the washing machine, make certain that there is no velcro-fastened wear or with sharp ends, etc. in the drum, which could lead to mechanical damage of the clothes.
  • Use a program intended for delicate clothing.
Materiał Amet Fibra