kolorowa drużyna nessi

Colorful Team Nessi

Positively crazy enthusiasts of activity

The Nessi Team is a group of positively crazyrunners who see the world through rose-colored spectacles and believe that good energy multiplies within the group.

This is a place for sport enthusiasts and for those who like to stand out. But what isthe most important: this is a place for everyone - a beginner and an advanced, an amateur and a professional, a woman and a man, young girls, mature women, mothers and grandmothers, courageous people who are eager to express themselves and upload their workout photos and those who still search for this courage within themselves, people who share their knowledge and experience and people who take advantage of this knowledge. Because running and sport just connect people!

A team whichexists not only online!

The Nessi Team is not just an online social community which brings together fans of the brand. It creates opportunity for new acquaintances, and sometimes also real life friendship. In the group we arrange sharedworkouts, we set up meetings on the occasion of competitions, we boast about our successes, we encourage progress, we share our running experience. We meet before competitions to take pictures of us.

Members of the team are also very inventive! It happens that they organize workouts for Nessi fans in their cities. We admit - we would love to participate in all of them, especially when we look at the pictures of delicacies prepared for post-training parties!

Extra bonuses

But not only just that. Belonging to the Nessi Teamgives also a number of benefits. Herein we ask about your opinions at the stage of clothing design and testing. Herein we happen to unveil a secret concerning new products before they are officially on sale. Herein we collect orders for limited edition products, and even - if enough people are willing - we are able to create a limited edition product with your favorite design. Herein we organize additional contests and give special discounts. It is just great to be here :-)

Join us now!

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