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Knee-high socks and gaiters – a practical alternative to standard socks

If activity is your middle name, you certainly know that in the drawer with underwear next to standard socks and footers it is also worth having a few pairs of knee-high socks. Runners like them for protection from the cold, support and compression of muscles, thanks to them, representatives of team sports avoid many injuries – under the long sock, shin guards fit perfectly.

They are also seen in fitness clubs, bicycle routes and skate parks; the possibilities of using sports knee-high socks for women are really wide! The socks also have their time in winter, hidden under the pant legs – if the temperature allows it, socks of this type are a good alternative to underpants or thermoactive leggings which have their declared opponents.

Functional knee-high socks for runners

Road H running knee-high socks combine the strongest advantages of Nessi Sportswear: excellent material quality, functional construction and energetic colors. The use of flexible knitted fabric based on polyamide fibers provides you with a stable fit of the socks along the entire length of the calf. The breathable material and mesh-structured panels in strategic zones take care of your freshness and thermal comfort – the knitted fabric wicks moisture away from the skin and evaporates its quickly. The hallmark of our knee-high socks are also spectacular color combinations that turn the basic accessory into an impressive complement to the outfit.

Knee-high socks (not only) for volleyball

 Indoor sports knee-high socks series is dedicated to volleyball players but their universal material and cut will work well in any activity. Wear them for Nordic Walking marches, bicycle, roller skates, fitness and even on a daily basis when you want to protect your legs from the bitter wind or wear high-top shoes.

Indoor knee-high socks made of soft cotton fabric are extremely pleasant to touch; jacquard inserts will provide you with thermal comfort and the system of welts on the foot and on the upper edge will make the knee-high socks stick like glued even during the most fierce match. In combination with a t-shirt and shorts our knee-high socks will give you a look like from professional volleyball arenas.

Cotton is also the main fabric of  knee-high socks from the City line intended for everyday wear and during recreational activities: on roller skates, board, scooter. If you want to add a twist to a simple outfit, warm up on a cold day or just want a change from traditional socks, this is something especially for you! Knee-high socks look brilliant in a set with shorts or running skirt and stretched or rolled on long leggings will give you a vintage look in the style of wonderful Jane Fonda.

Football socks – quality at a champion's level

It is an obligatory element of a football outfit, they protect against injuries, regulate body temperature and remove excess of moisture from the skin. The knitted fabric of our football socks is  functional Prolen that provides the perfect balance between thermal comfort and moisture drainage. Special buffers in the midfoot stabilize the Achilles tendon, injuries of which are a frequent affliction in football. Impressive design and a wide,folded cuff give the socks a professional look.