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Trekking and hiking shirts – who are they for?

These types of shirts are a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and anyone involved in various outdoor activities. They work well for activities such as running, nordic walking, hiking in the mountains, as well as team sports or tennis. They also have their use during indoor activities like squash. Despite being labeled as trekking shirts, they can confidently be considered versatile and suitable for multiple sports. Thanks to their remarkable properties, which we'll discuss below, they should definitely be part of your sports wardrobe. You'll appreciate their unique benefits while engaging in different sports disciplines. Where there's movement, there are trekking shirts.

What are the advantages of Nessi Sportswear trekking shirts?

Trekking shirts are equipped with advanced technologies designed to support you at every stage of trekking or other sports activities. For the upcoming spring-summer season of 2023, we have focused on breathable and ventilated materials that quickly wick moisture away from the skin and then distribute it across their surface for rapid evaporation. Furthermore, our latest models of trekking shirts feature special zones in critical areas for even faster moisture evaporation. Additionally, we offer a model with cooling panels and one made from biodegradable material. The fabrics used in Nessi Sportswear hiking shirts are antibacterial and bactericidal, as well as gentle on sensitive skin.

To ensure that trekking shirts are perfectly tailored to the female body, we construct them with women in mind, and some models have a special panel construction. This solution ensures an excellent fit with the female silhouette during movement. In the construction of the shirts, flat seams are of great importance for your comfort and skin sensitivity. In one of our series, we also offer a version with a seamless body. Choose one of Nessi Sportswear's trekking shirts for intense efforts on warm or hot days.

How to wear and pair hiking shirts?

You can choose from trekking shirt models with looser fits or those with a more snug fit, depending on the activity you have planned. For indoor training, it's worth opting for shirts that fit closely to the body. However, if you're heading for mountain trekking, consider one of the looser-cut shirts. In case of uncertain weather or when starting a hike on a chilly morning, you can confidently wear a snug-fitting top as the first layer and then put on a looser-fitting shirt over it. This way, you'll ensure the right thermal comfort and high breathability, preventing overheating during later stages of activity. This will keep your skin dry, and you'll feel fresh during your trek.

On exceptionally warm days or during indoor workouts, you can go for sleeveless trekking shirts. This season, we also offer such options in both loose and highly fitted styles. Both styles will provide you with maximum comfort and freedom of movement. You can pair these shirts with our leggings or shorts to create an outfit that works perfectly for trekking, exercise, or simply being active. There's nothing stopping you from using one of them as part of your everyday casual style.

Women's trekking shirts – how and where to order?

You can order women's trekking shirts on the online store. It's the website of Nessi Sportswear, a brand for active women who love life and color. Just a few simple steps separate you from purchasing one of our innovative trekking shirts. Choose one of the models that suits your sport and your taste. Select trendy shirts with floral motifs for this season or opt for solid colors that are always popular and go well with many outfits. Rest assured that you'll receive products in vibrant and highly durable colors. With unique, original designs, you'll accentuate your femininity and stand out on the trail. Feel the power of colors – Nessi Sportswear team.