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Sports gloves – not only for winter

Although it is said that most heat escapes through the head, probably every lover of outdoor activities knows the unpleasant feeling of fingers stiff from the cold and irritated red skin of hands. Gloves are therefore often useful not only in winter – the cold and wind have no mercy even with relatively moderate temperatures: as long as the whole body heats up quickly as a result of exertion , the exposed hands freeze instantly.

The solution is thin gloves for training, which perfectly cope with described inconveniences while leaving you full freedom of movement. If you haven't had the opportunity to test them yet, stock up on at least one pair – you will soon start wondering how you could live without them before!

Breathable exercise gloves – effective thermoregulation

The fabrics from which we sew sports gloves keep your hands warm and dry, no matter how intensively you exercise and what the weather is like outside. Both thin Flexible Fit and three-layer Trito designed for autumn and winter, constantly remove moisture from the skin surface and evaporate it quickly, what will allow you to always keep your hands fresh and dry. Functional knitted fabrics are also an effective barrier against the cold. The delicate finish of the inside makes wearing our gloves a real pleasure.

The thermoactive properties of the knitted fabric are activated in direct contact with the skin, therefore the materials of our gloves are very flexible what allows a tight fit to the hand shape. The four-direction stretch of the knitted fabrics also provides unrestricted freedom of movement for hands and fingers.

On frosty days, you can also use our gloves as a liner under ski or snowboard gloves. The thin material drapes smoothly under the outer layer – nothing rolls over or pressure on fingers and the heating is turned up to the maximum!

Training gloves tailored to your needs

The good material is only half the success: In order to provide you with full comfort during exercise we have also refined the constuction of our gloves down to the smallest details. Particularly noteworthy is the tight-fitting, wide cuff that prevents wind gusts from getting under the glove and fits well under the jacket sleeve. If you use a phone, smartwatch or other devices with touch screens during training, choose a model with special panels on the thumb and index finger that will allow you to efficiently use them without removing gloves.

Outdoor sports keep you in a great shape and give you a boost of endorphins all year round, regardless of the weather – and functional gloves for exercises will contribute to the fact that no aura whims disturb you in favorite activities.