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Women's swimwear in the past and today

The history of women's swimwear tells not only about fashion but also cultural and moral changes. Several centuries ago baths were a therapeutic procedure and women were splashing dressed in long linen shirts which at times were loaded at the bottom so as not to reveal too much! When in the 19th century swimming and sunbathing became a form of entertainment, swimsuits also began to serve convenience: the pantaloons were gradually displacing skirts, cuts became closer and closer to the body and the sleeves and legs ended higher and higher. Bathing suits from the 30s of the 20th century although still with shorts at the bottom, did not differ much from today's styles; among their materials appeared latex, „the ancestor”of today's synthetic yarns. In the 40s and 50s, on the wave of pin-up girls' popularity bikini outfits appeared on the beaches. Currently swimming costumes occupy not only a large part of sports market but also fashion one. We watch them both at high fashion shows and in social media of influencers, including the biggest ones: the line of swimwear created by Kylie Jenner broke sales records on a scale equal to large clothing and cosmetics brands.

What we sew our swimwear from?

Nessi is a brand for active women and their comfort was our main aim when creating a beach collection. The functionality of our swimwear is primarily due to their material: Brisbane knitted fabric with the addition of ELASTAN LYCRA XTRA LIFE fibers is characterized by exceptional flexibility, thanks to which it perfectly adjusts to your figure, works well with your every move and at the same time provides full coverage. It is fearless of UV radiation, salty and chlorinated water, cosmetics with SPF. With proper care of the swimsuit, its colors will remain just as intense and the print as vivid as on the day you take it out of the box!

One-part swimwear – to keep up with you

We love one-part swimsuits for the comfort and self-confidence they provide during swimming training or practicing water sports simultaneously emphasizing strengths and shaping the figure. In order to give you maximum comfort, we have refined our design down to the smallest details: padded cups that you can easily remove if necessary, flat, non-stick seams, nude lining in the front part... Nessi one-part swimsuits will never disappoint you!

Two-parts swimwear - tailored to your needs

The properly tailored bikini is as comfortable as one-part swimsuits, while allowing a more even tan. Two-parts Nessi swimsuit successfully combines sports and beach character. Beach volleyball, badminton, frisbee, an expedition on pedal boats and lazing on a deckchair to cool down after the activity – in our bikini you will have a great time on the beach every day.

Made of flexible Brisbane knitted fabric swimsuit, sits like a beehive – the more that you choose a bra and panties separately which gives you the certainty of correct size adjustment, regardless of the type of figure! Both fastenings of the bra are adjustable and the padded cups can be removed or replaced. You also have a choice when it comes to the design of panties – we offer you bikini bottoms with a standard or high waist.