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Women's t-shirts – the basis of sports and everyday wardrobe

Which of us does not have at least a few t-shirts in the wardrobe? The short-sleeved shirt is suitable for any occasion and with everything. We wear t-shirts under elegant tail-coats and tracksuit blouses, let them loosely over the clothes or nonchalantly tie them at the waist, we put them on to work, for parties, in free time and for sports training. The history of the t-shirt is long and as varied as the possibilities of its styling. We focus on women's sports and casual t-shirts that meet the needs of active women – like You.

Sports t-shirts – high technology for your comfort

Running, zumba, pilates, nordic walking or mountain hiking. Regardless of which form of movement you like most, you can be certain that in Nessi a tailor-made t-shirt is waiting for you. We make no compromises when it comes to quality – we sew our women's t-shirts from innovative, functional fabrics. Find out more about them!

•    Brisk 3D – a knitwear for special tasks: three-dimensional weave fibers efficiently wick away moisture from the skin and evaporate it to the outside.Thanks to this, clothes dry fast, you feel fresh and comfortable even when the training runs sweat out of you.

•    It would seem that it couldn't be better... And yet! For extreme effort is recommended Brisk 3D Ultra fabric, which has no equal in terms of moisture transmission and at the same time is soft enough to forget about any abrasions.

•    Karbon – Carbon fibers woven into the structure of the fabric, absorb and dissipate electric charges, what soothes muscle tension and pleasantly relaxes. A sports t-shirt made of such material will cope with the most extreme challenges! The properties of Karbon also provide efficient removal of moisture from the skin, bactericidal and thermoregulatory effect.

•    Organic cotton – the guarantee of everyday comfort: a natural fabric envelops the body with a light mist and works well with your every move without limiting the breathability of the skin. Nessi t-shirts are sewn from certified cotton, obtained through sustainable production.

Styles of women's sports t-shirts

A classic short-sleeved t-shirt works well anytime, anywhere: you can wear it for running training, fitness, zumba, crossfit, pilates... can be enumerated more! We recommend you to stock up on a few items – you can choose from many energetic colors. For a sharp impression choose a tight-fitting t-shirt with a top zip: the breathable properties of the material will be activated over the entire surface of contact with the skin and by using the slider at the neck you can additionally regulate the body temperature.

If you like loose-fitting clothes that flow to the rhythm of your moves, you will love the oversized women's fitness t-shirt. Its thin material wraps the body lightly like a feather and its fancy lower binding adds a fashionable chic. The trendy design of the fitness model makes an equally good impession in the gym as in the city streets. Wow effect will also be achieved by Loose cotton t-shirt, made for relaxation and everyday activities. A simple design broken with an ultra-feminine print is a combination that works flawlessly!