The history of the Nessi brand brings to mind running

Based on passion, built gradually, kilometer after kilometer, full of new challenges and successively realized goals. There are obstacles, there are injuries, there are worse days, but at the end, there is a huge dose of positive energy and the conviction that full measure was given to it.



In our case, it was the sale of sport socks of other brands. After all, Nessi's body had to be somehow prepared before a real effort. But a warm-up is not a run and it was no longer enough.

pierwszy kilometr


And then we moved. We decided to tie shoes, leave the house, take the first step: create something of our own that would fully meet our expectations. And so, on 8 March 2008, the logo of Nessi appeared online for the first time.

5 km

5 K

Once you leave the house and you are bitten by the running bug, there is no turning back. Appetite comes with eating and a need appears for crossing the next boundaries. We have crossed them, creating a fully original collection of Nessi clothing. It was quite modest, since it included shorts for runners and cyclists, tank tops and hats, but it brought joy as the first 5 kcovered from A to Z.

10 km

10 K

When running becomes an integral part of life, as happened to Nessi and one of its owners, Wojtek, it quickly turns out that a regular t-shirt or cotton socks are not enough. Every runner knows that there is nothing worse than a situation where you cannot concentrate on the run, because you have abrasions on your thighs, because it is too warm or too cold because you are all wet. Wojtek understood it because he was a runner. Since then, while preparing for every start of the collection, we have one priority: quality.



A half marathon is the first important breakthrough in the life of every runner. Running, we are sick of it, we say to ourselves never again, and then, when we are finally standing across the finish line, we realize that it is not the end but just the beginning. Indeed, we had our products and we had excellent quality, but that was not enough. So we ran further.

From the huge half-marathon energy, the essence of the Nessi brand was born - the idea of color running.

We decided to become revolutionaries: to fight against sad, gray, and dun products and to offer individual graphic designs in bold colors to runners. For the benefit of training women, we created multi-color, super-comfortable leggings, which turned out to be a real hit. Then we continued to color: buffs, bands, hats...

30 km

30 K

The further you go on the race path, the more things are important for the runner. The details, such as pockets or reflective elements become important. That was also our case. We knew that, although the equipment is not necessary to reach the finish line, it makes the run much more enjoyable. Therefore we created, e.g. a special multi-functional belt with three pockets, in which you can hide almost everything: an iPhone, tissues, keys, a payment card or an energy bar.



After years of training, we managed to run a marathon. Even twice. Wojtek ran it, and so did Nessi. We dress runners from head to toe, we color running - at trainings and competitions, in Poland and abroad, we multiply positive running energy within the Nessi Team. We accompany runners, both at the beginning of their running adventure, and when they attain higher levels of initiation, when they stand on a podium after a competition, when they do things that once seemed impossible to them.

World Marathon Majors


The list of running competitions organized in Poland is really long. But sometimes you feel like setting out somewhere further, tryinga marathon in the cold North, or just the opposite - in the hot South. In Nessi, we do not set any limits, we pass on the idea of color running not only to Poles, but also to people from Scandinavia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany or Ireland. Forthe most crucial in the life of a runner is to progress and move forward.

A może zostaniemy ultrasami?


For us, a marathon is the icing on the cake. But you know how it is with runners. When they reach their goal, they alreadyd ream about another one. The crown of Polish marathons, mountain running or maybe even ultra running? Our answer is YES, for the world of running is beautiful and full of surprises.