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Sport backpacks and hiking backpacks

If you think about it, backpacks accompany us throughout our lives. Starting from our early school years, then on our way to work, to the gym, not to mention vacations and trips. They are usually the most convenient way to carry all the necessary items and transport them easily. Sports clothing and shoes for the gym, towels for swimming, laptops and lunches for work, or materials for activities. One backpack can be with us all day, but it's important to remember that they differ in their purpose, which determines their size, shape, materials, and details. On the market, we have sports backpacks, hiking backpacks, urban backpacks, and of course, school backpacks. So, how do you choose the one that will meet your needs and you will enjoy wearing day after day?

What to consider when choosing a backpack?

First of all, pay attention to what your backpack will be used for. A sports backpack may not differ much from a hiking one, but when you need something for work, different features and functions will matter. In the Nessi Sport online store, you will find backpacks designed for people on the move, active individuals. These are colorful women's backpacks from Nessi Sportswear and sports backpacks. Thanks to their balanced dimensions and optimal 20-liter capacity, they will be the best companion for trips to the pool, gym, all-day mountain hikes, or long days away from home. Neither too big nor too small, so you can fit everything you need for such outings, and the sports backpack will stay comfortably on your back during dynamic movement. They also work great as typical hiking backpacks, perfect for multi-day journeys!

How to choose a backpack for activities?

In addition to the features mentioned above, the construction of the backpack itself is equally important. It's important for it to be ergonomic and functional, allowing you to arrange the contents of the backpack so that you can always reach for what you need comfortably and without problems. In Nessi Sportswear sports backpacks, thanks to the spacious compartment with easy access, you can fit all the necessary items for your workout. Additionally, side pockets allow you to have a water bottle, sports bottle, or other small items always at hand. Nessi's hiking backpack can also be used as a classic urban backpack. In the spacious main compartment, you can easily pack your laptop and comfortably remove it from the backpack. The urban style of this backpack emphasizes its vintage style and compact size.

What else to consider when buying a hiking backpack? Since we will be carrying it a lot and it will be on our backs in many everyday situations, we should look at its workmanship and materials. Above all, it must be durable and resistant to mechanical damage. It's obvious that we don't want anything to happen to the backpack when we throw it carelessly after training, classes, or after a full day of sightseeing. Airports, bus stops, train stations, narrow passages, streets, sand, water – so many potential situations where material tearing or some other damage could occur. That's why Nessi Sportswear sports backpacks are made from a durable yet lightweight material that is excellent for outdoor accessories. What's more, to increase durability, a special reinforcing fiber is added to the entire structure of the backpack. This is called Rip-Stop technology.

Before buying, check how the shoulder straps are made, as they are responsible for carrying the weight of the backpack on your shoulders. The construction and material of the straps are equally important. In Nessi Sportswear's women's sports backpacks, you will find wide, soft straps that comfortably fit on your shoulders. This allows you to wear them comfortably every day and in many situations that require dynamic movement.

Where to buy a sports backpack?

In the Nessi Sport online store, you can buy sports backpacks with a unique and unparalleled design. They stand out with original patterns and innovative features, such as a special pocket located on the flap. What's so special about this pocket? It serves to pack our hiking backpack in such a way that it creates a small package that easily fits in a suitcase or bag! So, are we going on a journey? Nessi Sportswear Team.