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Women's training accessories

Just as important as your workout attire are training accessories. These are all the extras that you might think you can do without at first, but during your workout, you realize it was a big mistake. By using the right, well-chosen accessories, not only will you elevate your comfort during exercises, but you'll also gain additional support. Accessories that will have their use both during outdoor workouts and various indoor activities (fitness, yoga, squash) include socks of various lengths and sports headbands. You can pack all the accessories you need for your training session in the Nessi Sportswear sports backpack.

Gym and fitness accessories

Women's training accessories differ depending on whether they are intended for indoor or outdoor workouts. If you're heading to the gym, doing fitness, or practicing yoga, it's essential to choose training socks that provide proper breathability. This way, you'll prevent unpleasant chafing, avoid overheating your feet, and fully focus on your workout. It's also worth paying attention to their length. For indoor exercises, short ankle socks are usually preferred, but there's nothing stopping you from wearing longer ones. In the Nessi Sportswear online store at, you'll find breathable socks of various lengths designed for indoor training.

For workouts in a training room, sports headbands are a crucial element among fitness accessories. Why? There's no natural ventilation here, such as open spaces and wind, so your body tends to sweat more during workouts. And sweat dripping into your eyes during activity can be a real nuisance. Therefore, by choosing one of our headbands, it will efficiently absorb unwanted moisture and wick it away. Another important aspect of headbands is protecting your ears from drafts. Yes, this also matters during indoor workouts, where windows are usually open, and drafts occur. By wearing a Nessi Sportswear headband, you'll prevent unpleasant drafts.

Outdoor training accessories

To protect your ears and sinuses from drafts during a morning run or on a windy day, opt for a headband. Nessi Sportswear headbands will shield you from cold gusts of wind, and thanks to their breathable and airy material, you won't overheat. Practically any outdoor activity, whether it's running, trekking, or cycling, is a suitable occasion to wear an ear/headband.

Another essential women's training accessory for outdoor activities is socks. Training sock models designed for spring and summer primarily aim to prevent overheating of the feet and ensure high breathability. This allows you to comfortably and effortlessly cover more kilometers without any discomfort. On the other hand, socks designed for colder periods primarily protect your feet from freezing but also need to balance thermal comfort. You can find sock models designed for outdoor workouts on the website.

Where to buy training accessories?

You can purchase training accessories, including fitness accessories and gym accessories, from the online store In addition to the mentioned advantages and functions, Nessi Sportswear sports headbands and training socks stand out with original, non-standard designs. Color is crucial for us, which is why our products are characterized by vibrant and highly saturated colors. We combine innovative materials and modern clothing production technologies with exceptional design so that women's training accessories are maximally functional and visually pleasing. Feel the power of colors – the Nessi Sportswear team.