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Women's wear and accessories for training

Paraphrasing a popular Norwegian saying – any weather is good for activity if you wear good clothes. Sportswear and accessories are essential for your training results and enjoyment of an active recreation.

Clothes made of breathable, thermoactive fabrics regulate body temperature and drain the excess of moisture which allows you to always feel fresh and pleasant. Materials must also be durable enough to keep up with you even with the sharpest effort and retain their properties after many washes.

Functional cuts and flexible knitted fabrics provide an unlimited range of movements necessary to develop your full sporting potential. Nessi Sportswear and accessories meet all of the above conditions and their juicy colors and one of a kind patterns will give you even more power to act!

Comfort and functionality in every detail

Our extensive range of women's training wear and accessories allows you to create your own sports capsule wardrobe. By choosing the best tops, leggings, pants, outerwear and complementary accessories, you will create many sets.