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Trekking socks - essential for any hike!

Are you going on a mountain trail? Or maybe you are planning a longer walk in the beautiful countryside under the setting sun? Are you looking forward to running in the field? Any outdoor activity cannot do without trekking socks. Properly selected socks for trekking shoes will allow you    to enjoy covering more kilometers, scenic views, without worrying about chafing and other unpleasant effects.

Therefore, while a special shirt or pants for the mountains can be replaced with a classic, casual element of the closet, in the case of socks it is important that they are designed for trekking. They should be made of special, technical materials that will provide high-level breathability and thermal comfort if you are facing a winter hike. In such a situation, your feet will not overheat or get cold.
Equally important is the proper fit to the foot, as well as the elements that cause that the hiking socks do not slip or roll - whether you are running, walking or climbing. The reinforced sole acts as cushioning for your feet. All these features fundamentally affect comfort and convenience, and you will find them in Nessi Sportswear thermoactive trekking socks.

Hit the trail in hiking socks

Whether you are facing a few-day trekking in the high mountains, or perhaps a trip to one of the local huts, or perhaps a quick walk through your favorite forest, it is worth remembering about proper protection of your feet. It is a key part of the body during hiking and outdoor activities. Choose mountain socks to ensure the maximum level of comfort and convenience for your feet while traversing the trails.

Trekking socks not only for the mountains

The purpose of women's trekking socks is not only long mountain hikes. Try our light,  ensuring thermals Trail X Ultra socks during a run in the field or a quick run in the park in fall and winter. When running, the thermoactive Trail U Ultrarun model will work just as well, as it fits perfectly to the foot and has a special zone that absorbs vibrations when the foot hits the ground. Moreover, if you are a fan of white madness on the slopes, here it is worth trying our high model of Ski sock - an excellent proposition for all skiers and snowboarders.

Year-round women's trekking socks

Our socks will work well all year round. They will protect you from the cold, snow, water in the fall-winter period. Thanks to the fact that they efficiently wick moisture away from the foot, you will not overheat in them, and this prevents chafing and chilling. What's more, thanks to proper air circulation, summer trekking socks will also be a great option on warmer days, during the spring-summer season.

Where to buy hiking socks?

You can buy women's trekking socks on the website of the Nessi brand. Choose from a standard length for the ankle or extended to mid-calf. Going skiing or snowboarding? Bet on a model dedicated to winter sports. We have a wide range of socks for you in energetic colors, as well as more subdued colors. You will make your purchase in a few intuitive steps, and we will take care of hassle-free service and express delivery. Nessi Sportswear team.