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Sports hats for women – train all year round!

Certainly everyone has heard at least once that „the most heat escapes through the head.” And although the saying itself is a myth, head protection on cold days is one of the most important conditions for a successful outdoor training.  The draught of the sinuses and neck can lead to a serious illness that will keep you home for a few weeks and even if you won't end up under the duvet with a hot tea – wheezing in the ears wind and biting coldness are simply unpleasant and do not allow you to fully enjoy an activity. Of course you can put a jacket's or blouse's hood on the head but the best level of thermal protection and freedom of movement will be only provided with a good sports hat. We know a lot about them in Nessi!

Leave the woolen hat with a decorative pompom for other occasions and before training stock up on a thin, tight model dedicated to athletes. This type of hats precisely adjusts to the head shape and holds tight – neither the fastest run nor the strongest gale will tear it off your head. The advantages of fitted hats are also known to every fan of skiing, snowboarding or autumn cycling trips: the tight model will fit under the helmet, providing pleasant warmth while maintaining smooth ventilation.

Properties of sports hats for cold days

The basic advantage of this type of models is their excellent breathability achieved thanks to the use of modern, functional fabrics. They can be synthetic like the technically advanced Cubic Guard, they can be natural like merino sheep wool. Their common feature, however, is the ability to efficiently wick away moisture from the skin and quickly evaporate it. Thanks to this, you will keep your skin and hair dry after a long run or strenuous climb, without the unpleasant feeling of contact of cold, damp material with your skin.

Sports beanie hats for casual comfort

Nordic Walking, roller-skating, a walk by the sea or in the mountains, frisbee in the park, sunrise and sunset in Bieszczady... lighter outdoor activities also cannot be done without a sports hat. Apart from a standard design, more casual beanie hat will be perfect for them as well. - popular smurfette that not only effectively insulates you from the cold, but also gives you a cheeky charm.

Nessi reversible hats will help you color the world in different ways – whatever plays in your soul!

Sports caps for summer

We also wear sports caps. In this way we protect the head from harmful overheating and eyes from the blinding sun during mountain trips, sightseeing, sailing and many other activities. A  cap with a visor is a sports classic. Made of breathable fabric Nessi caps with a visor will prevent you from overheating or sweating and the circumference adjustment will keep them effectively on your head.