Types of leggings
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Running leggings –  faster, farther, more comfortable!

Every fan of an active lifestyle has several pairs of leggings in the wardrobe. We love them for unfettered freedom of movement, perfect fit and support during intense training. Leggings beautifully shape the figure, optically slenderize legs and if you choose a model with an impressive, unique print – such as Nessi leggings –  in a sports outfit  you will feel like a star.

What we sew our leggings from?

We have already run many kilometers, so we know exactly what running leggings should be, they will provide you with maximum comfort and ease on the track. The basis is a functional material: in Nessi we only use checked, technically advanced knitted fabrics.

  • Resi Ultra 4K – a harmonious combination of endurance,flexibility and excellent thermal insulation properties results in a material that will be perfect for both solid intervals and for a leisurely run on an autumn morning. A fabric with the highest grammage in our offer beautifully shapes the figure and covers up minor shortcomings and it won't let you freeze in cold days.
  • Resi –  the knitted fabric a bit thicker but still delicate and flexible: will provide you with unfettered freedom of movement at every stage of training, from warming up to stretching. The material spins out in four directions thanks to which it adjusts to the body like a second skin, maintains its shape and clarity of prints all the time. Add to that excellent breathability parameters and fast drying – in front of you a product that will never disappoint you!
  • Vetur Guard – the material that was made especially for our clients. We have created an innovative knitted fabric with an appriopriately low grammage but with very high thermoactive properties. Its advanced construction consists of two layers: inspired by the structure of the honeycomb (outer) and a layer with fluff that protects against cooling down (inner). Vetur Guard is a durable shield that will protect you in the most extreme moments of your training!

Running leggings –  a modern design for your comfort

Of course the material, although very important does not determine the final success: to give you the comfort you need we have also refined the structure of our leggings down to the smallest detail. Their flat, non-squeezing seams fit snugly to the body, do not irritate or stick into the skin.

The band at the waist also contributes to a perfect fit, it stays firmly in place without causing unpleasant pressure. A wide waistband covers the lower back which allows you to freely perform bends, squats and other exercises with a strong forward lean – no cool breeze will chill your loins. If you don't like sports shoulder bags choose Nessi running leggings with a waistband equipped with hidden pockets: you can easily put keys, phone or energy gel in them and the special form of the pocket stabilizes and protects their contents from falling out.

We also took care of your safety: all running leggings are equipped with reflective elements to improve your visibility for other road users during evening training.